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Lurcher - East Kilbride

Discussion in 'Missing Dogs' started by BeeJay, May 2, 2002.

  1. BeeJay

    BeeJay New Member Registered

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    Crossbreed - Collie x lurcher - bitch (neutered)

    Long coat

    Tan with a white chest

    Scar breast on with no hair.

    Height: 24 ins

    Age: 6yrs

    Wearing a brown  collar

    Went missing from: Murray, East Kilbride, Scotland on 26/4/02

    Circumstance of loss: My son and daughter had her out for her evening walk when they let her off for a run in the park at 5pm, unfortunately she never returned. She has ran away before but always came back within an hour

    Contact (email) or (phone) 01355 523825

    LSOB 1017/4/E:


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