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Lurcher stolen from Bristol

Discussion in 'Missing Dogs' started by BeeJay, May 14, 2002.

  1. BeeJay

    BeeJay New Member Registered

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    LSD 1021/5/E:

    Lurcher -Deerhound x Greyhound x Whippet x Tumbler - dog (entire)

    Rough coated

    Black with a white chest going up under chin. White & brown flecks on all 4 legs

    Height: 22 ins.

    Age: 14 mnths

    Wearing a black leather Greyhound collar

    Stolen from: Southmead, Bristol on 7/05/02

    Circumstance of loss: 2 Lurchers in the garden - fence was kicked in and thieves only managed to catch one. Between 5pm and 10pm.

    Additional Info: The collar had a disk with the name of the dog and owner's telephone number.

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