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Selling Mobile vet rehab, physio and acupuncture

Discussion in 'Dog Classifieds' started by Twayla, Dec 28, 2013.

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    Introducing Veterinary Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy & Acupuncture complete with home visits and individually designed programmes for each patient separately!

    We can help with post-operative rehabilitation, pain relief, arthritis, trauma, injury, wounds, tenderness, orthopaedic, neurological and spinal issues, general wellness or advice on general well-being and certain behaviour issues in relation to rehabilitation.

    All sessions take place at the client's home for the convenience of the pet and owner and are delivered by a fully qualified veterinary surgeon, small animal rehabilitation therapist and certified acupuncturist*.

    Please see our website for more details or contact us on

    Why we are the best choice:
    Home visits - no need to travel - no stress for the pet
    Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy - full range of techniques
    Acupuncture (from February 2014) - focused on canine patients
    Individually made home exercise programmes - separately tailored for each patient
    Holistic care!
    Special offers - please see the flyer attached

    With Best Wishes for 2014

    * officially certified in vet acupuncture in Feb 2014
    STAR is based in NW9 London and covers Greater London area and the surrounding counties. Further travel can be arranged on individual basis. An additional charge will incur for travel out of the 15-mile NW9 London area.

    STAR - Vet Physio - Caring, professional and friendly!

    Tara Cujovic TramsakDr.Vet.Med., PGCert SA Rehabilitation Therapist, MRCVS, MIRVAP
    STAR Veterinary Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy - owner
    T: (+44) 07842 792389


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