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Ncwc Limit Show Results

Discussion in 'Dog Showing' started by saraquele, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. saraquele

    saraquele New Member Registered

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    I thought i would put these on as i dont think anyone else has , results copied from NCWC :thumbsup:

    well done Lynn with both your boys esp going B.I.S (w00t) Gino says well done bros :thumbsup:

    my gorgeous Jan ( cobyco center of attraction) showed the youngsters how its done by winning best vetran in show and reserve best bitch in show at nearly 8 years old :wub: and her daughter winning limit bitch so a good day for us too .

    well done Kelly with Fern BPIS :thumbsup: you did great with her and of course the Meakins with res best dog , best bitch and resere B.I.S :thumbsup:

    a lovely show as always :D

    Limit Show 29 01 2011

    Judge Felicity Thompson Barnesmore

    MPD 4

    1Dillon Collooney Billy the Whizz

    2 Price Jayglo jentle Jim among Silkdance

    3Meakin Oakbark Million Dollar man

    PD 4 1 abs

    1 Mason Aphrael Captain Beefheart BPD RBPIS

    2 Cook Celticmoon Ray of Light

    3 Cardwell Linalkin Meadow Rue

    JD 6

    1 Yacoby Wright Cobyco Change Direction

    2 Marshall Avismar Grease Lightening

    3 Winup & Palpala Dalzeah Winter Melody Cum Rogansrock

    MD 4

    1 Meakin Deljjorhea Double Dutch of Oakbark RBD

    2 Price Jayglo Jentle Jim amongst Silkdance

    3 Buckley Winter Day Dreamer

    ND 4

    1 Meakin Deljorhea Double Dutch of Oakbark

    2 Moore Oakmoorehill Golden Boy

    3 McDonnel Highisland the Archer

    SBD 6

    1 Wilkinson Fletchgate Starwalker

    2 Price Whisterfield Jack be Nimble among Silkdance

    3 Dillon Collooney Billy Whiz

    PGD 7

    1 Yacoby-Wright Cobyco Change Places BD & BIS

    2 Head Demerlay Red River

    3 Moore Oakmoorehill Golden Boy

    LD 3 1abs

    1 Winup& Palpala Phinjani the Scorcerer cum Rogansrock

    2 Brown Elmanash Eldorado at Bosvean

    OD 2

    1 Windle Thunderclap Mcgegor

    2 Carter Rowangarth Burning Gold

    VD 2 1abs

    1 Smith Savilepark Silver Spur BVD

    RCLC 1

    1 Price Whisterfield jack be Nimble among Silkdance

    RCLC No entries

    VB 5 2 abs

    1Bowers Cobyco Centre of Attraction at Saraquele BVB BV & RBB

    2 Ledger Tradewind Quicksilver

    3 Wilkinson My Black Lass

    MPB 5 1 abs

    1 Batley Citycroft Take That n Party BPB BPIS

    2 PB 2 abs

    1Steward-Farmer Crosscop Summertime at Wakebarrow

    2 Leech Ipanema Pearlie Princess

    3 Clewes Shardbeck Silver Chevron

    JB 7 1 abs

    1 Head Demerlay First Love

    2 Birds Cobyco Shabby Chic

    3 Steward-Farmer Avismar Serendipity at Wakebarrow

    MB 6 2 abs

    1 Dillon Cool Madam at Suchini

    2 Cardhus Dalzeah Walking in the Air

    3 Lupo Bohemian Bess

    NB 5 1abs

    1 Windle Whirlygig Ruby Tuesday at Birchwhips

    2 Leech Ipanema Pearlie Princess

    3 Moore Oakmoorehill Sahara Dream

    SBB 6 1 abs

    1 Dillon Cool Madam at Suchini

    2 Birds Cobyco Shabby Chic

    3 Lupo Seabreeze Dream Girl

    PGB 10 2 abs

    1 Meakin Lanakashena Gold Secret of Oakbark BB RBIS

    2 Dixon Millwold Mulling it Over

    3 Head Demerlay Risebrough fleur de Lys

    LB 7 2 abs

    1 Bowers Saraquele Saw ya Lookin

    2 Ledger Tradewind Touch of Gold

    3 Cardus Dalzeah Dreamy Lady

    OB 4 1 abs

    1 Mason Aphrael Dambhan Allaidh

    2 Whimpanny Crosscop Sweet Chariot of Bunneyridge

    3 Robertson Cornstalk Sophies Dream for Lowtherhills
  2. moonglow

    moonglow New Member Registered

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    Thanks Sharron,& well done everyone :thumbsup:
  3. oakmoorehill

    oakmoorehill New Member Registered

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    It only gives 1st place in MPB but I'm sure Cath Whimmpany's puppy was placed. There was definitely more than 1 in the class
  4. jok

    jok Jo - Citycroft Registered

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    Yes Helen you are right - some of the results are missing.

    There were 5(1 abs) in MPB and 5 (2 abs) in PB :thumbsup:

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