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New addition, need advice

Discussion in 'General Discussions and Lounge' started by paulderbs, Nov 18, 2013.

  1. paulderbs

    paulderbs New Member Registered

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    Hi All,

    Here goes, itemising helps the flow

    1. We have two toy poodles (Lilly and Milly) which we rescued from a lady my wife used to work with.

    2. We rescued Lilly first at about 7 months. She is now going on 7 years.

    3. We rescued Milly second at about 6 months. She is going on 6 years.

    4. I retired from public service in March 2012 and my wife was 'bought out' from public service this year.

    5. We have realised a 25 year dream and have moved to France, almost........

    6. Wife and daughter are in France full time and I am still in UK until UK house finished and 'rental proof'. I anticipate going to France full time by Easter 2014 (hopefully before).

    7. 'We' have now rescued a third dog in France. He is called 'Scruffy' and is a mix of a shitsu/yorkie mum and a spaniel dad.

    8. After initial settling in, he is proving to be the most loving, human oriented dog I have ever (almost) known.

    9. My 13 year old daughter loves him to bits.

    10. My wife of 25 years loves him to bits.

    11. Although a bit distant (I go out every 3 weeks or so).... I love him to bits.

    12. This is the crux..... Lilly is the 'guvnor' and is asserting her authority. Every time Scruffy gets too close, she goes off alarming and shouts him down.

    13. The issue we have, is that he is a tad bigger than Lilly (she is 6.5kg and he is 7.5kg). He has started fighting back when she throws her teddies in the corner.

    14. My wife called me today and said they had fought again and that he had injured Lilly. A bit of further probing established that Milly had received a scratch on her ear.

    15. They have had previous spats, but these have been related to food or treats. I guess my question is, how do I deal with this situation? I have brought forward my travel to France by a week. I am now going out on 20/9 instead of 27/9.

    16. This morning, we were looking at asking a friend to accompany my wife to the shelter and drop of Scruffy.

    17. The issue I have is that we all love him (daughter especially so) and it will break our hearts, but we can't have our two already established dogs being hurt..........

    18. Think I have covered most of it. I'm sure there are gaps which I'd be happy to fill.

    10. Over to you guys....All constructive ideas and thoughts will be digested
  2. StAlbansDogs

    StAlbansDogs New Member Registered

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    It would be great to implement a training structure for all dogs separately and spend as much time as you can positively reinforcing good behaviour. your best bet is to contact a trainer that will be able to help. Please do not jump your guns and take him to a shelter, it may take a few weeks to work on but you will get a lifetime of love from your dogs. hope this helps
  3. Rocky Rescue

    Rocky Rescue New Member Registered

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    Hi and welcome to the forum from Rocky and me.

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