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New rescue dog - phantom season?


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Hello I haven't posted here before and hope that someone can advise.....I have recently rehomed a working cocker bitch un-neutered and 2 years old. I already have a castrated labradoodle boy. She settled in really well and she's very happy at finding herself in a home for the first time (she was a working gun dog living outside before) but about 4 days after she arrived her vulva started to swell. She's only a little bothered by it and there's no blood or discharge. She's not due a season until October. Is it possible that changing home could cause a sort of 'phantom season' and if so why?
A change in circumstances often causes hormonal hiccups, as Nature wants the dog to breed! So it might well become a full season, or else fade away into nothing. Be careful, as castrated males can still mate and tie.
Oh thank you that is reassuring! She seems very happy in herself so hopefully it will settle down soon. Thanks for the advice re being careful, I will. I think the size difference would make it difficult but the other day I met a german shepherd x miniature poodle so I suppose anything is possible!
My uncles Jack Russell mated his german shepherd girl ...well theres a will theres a way ......:D:D:D:psome pics of your dogs would be greatly appreciated ;)

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