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Hi all, I have a beautiful pup in my life for the first time in 10 years so thought I'd join a community and ask some of my burning questions. Happy Friday!
Welcome to the forum - we'd love to hear about your new pup!
And welcome from me too.
And from me. Looking forward to hearing about your pup.
Hi and welcome from me too:). What pup do you have? Any pics?
Her name is Sandy and she's a lively Brazilian terrier. Just got a new phone so still sorting my photos out!
I've not heard of Brazilian terriers before - checking online, I really like the look of them. Can't wait to see your photos!
Haha, I just had to look them up too! Lovely! That's 2 new, to me, terriers I've learnt of in the last couple of weeks!😁
Also looking forward to seeing pics.
Sandy is a lovely pup :) I would've thought she was a jack russell before I learnt about Brazilian terriers.


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