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News 2011 Dog Results

Discussion in 'Dog Showing' started by Rachel, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. Rachel

    Rachel New Member Registered

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    I marked up most of my catalogue until the last two bitch classes and BIS, but here are 90% of the results... Judge: Norreen Harris (Bonnymead) Aus Imp. !!!!

    Veteran Dog (3)

    Ch/aust ch Peperone Solid Gold

    Speymalt heir of Buckpool sh cm

    Peperone Patent Pending

    MPD 9, 2

    Benzfreya Major Drummer

    Collooney Horn Knee Harry and Hutaka

    Rudarcia Half Blood Prince

    Benzfreya Drummer Boy

    Danluke Dicky Beau

    PD 9,2

    Demerlay Rags to Riches

    Cobyco Chasing Stars at Scarletfair

    Benzfreya Tambourine Man

    Blue Singer for Bondor

    Rudacia half Blood Prince

    JD 8

    Ch Courthill Cast a Spell

    Barnesmore Fire Wolf of Phinjani

    Collooney Look no further the Crosscop

    Aphrael Captain Beefheart

    Kendici Tailwind

    YD 6,1

    Courthill Catcher in the Rye

    Cobyco change of Climate

    Mikadene Night Runner

    Slaneyfinn Fennel

    Winter Day Dreamer

    MD 5,1

    Demerlay Rags to Riches

    Blue Singer for Bondor

    Danluke Dicky Beau

    Fallswater Freespirit at Rushden

    ND 4,1

    Demerlay Sparks will Fly

    Cobyco Chasing stars for Scarletfair

    Blue Singer for Bondor

    GD 7,2

    Brunstfield Rhythm Divine

    Elmanash Aldaniti at Sudalaw

    Infamous Cornelius of Ringmore

    ? oops mucked this number up - sorry!

    Cyangrange Fat Boy Slim

    PGD 9,2

    Croscop Reason to Believe

    Demerlay Hats off to Larry

    Fletchgate Star Walker

    Astri's aspects of Love

    Millwold Make a Move to Boarley

    LD 21

    Collooney Going Dutch

    Silkridge Argent

    Supeta's Razzalicious



    OD 17,4

    Ch Nut chip of Nevedith

    Ch Collooney Machacchino

    Ch/int ch Whiprose irish Coffee at Sobers

    Ch Benzfreya Drumbeat

    Turn of Gold at Yantabella

    Sp R/LCD 2

    Bruntsfield Rhythm Divine

    Infamous Cornelius of Ringmore

    Dog CC Collooney Going Dutch

    RCC Nut Chip of Nevedith

    PD Demeralay Rags to Riches

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