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north ayrshire lure coursing


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We have started a lure coursing club in ayrshire myself and some like minded people. the plan is to be running throughout the summer months on a sunday aftrernoon 1pm.. we have been straight racing for the last few weeks.still in very early stages the turns will be sorted in the next couple of weeks. Anyone interested let me know
Hi definitely be interested, where abouts do you meet? I used go lure coursing at Rumbling Bridge it was great fun. My last whippet loved it. Are you hand slipping them and do the dogs have to be muzzled? Know of a few more people that would also come along.
We meet in kilwinning, dirrans park. We have been hand slipping them but I think we are going to get boxes as well muzzles at desecration of owner's. Everyone is more than welcome.
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We would also be interested with a couple of ours if you let us know when you are starting we ain't that far away from you's cheers
we might have a few people interested aswell.
It will be on this sunday. There will be straight runs for the next two weeks and hope to get the turns going in a fortnight.
Hi had a look on google maps and couldn't find Dirrans park, can you post directions please?
Cheers Kenny i managed up for a couple of runs with my big boy cooper well worth it just for the banter and took us away from the norm of the ped racing so no doubt we will venture back up this sunday if it's ok
did you see my kc whippet? blue brindle my dad and my son had it down for a couple of runs. what club do you run your dogs at? i will be back down in 2 weeks time when i am home.
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Yeah i met your dad with your dog it's got a nice build.Our club is the spwrc and we can't wait to get the season started.What lines is your wee dog.
over 20 dogs their last Sunday good turn out. trying to getting some competitive races this sunday running to a final should be fun
Do you have landowners permission mate?

Just, i seen its a public field?
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thanks he does ok against them bigger dogs beats them till the last few yards where they catch up lol he is still only 10 month old that is him there marley.
Come Racing At SPWRC ..We are in alloa /Stirling area nr where he was bred ..Dumyat Hill . :) He'll enjoy it .I have Frodo ..and his babies n grandbabies race at both Clubs in Scoland .Gr8 Fun ..You'll be welcomed :) X


We enjoy showing and Racing ,..dogs are Fast and All for Crufts Now :) Delighted ..n so over the moon wae them all . :) X

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