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Northern open

Discussion in 'Dog Sports' started by longdog, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. longdog

    longdog New Member Registered

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    Many Thanks to the Northern PWRC, we had a great day today, despite the rain!

    Good to see everyone again, good racing with some quality finals, thanks again :thumbsup: Team Ingley
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  2. Esthermax

    Esthermax Active Member Registered

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    Well done to everyone on a well run open. The weather could have been better, but there again it could have been worse!There were some great races n some even better finals.

    Huge thank you to everyone who came from far n near to support us n made it such a good day.

    The results...

    14-19 main final

    1st maid at mill

    2nd rch my baby lollipop

    3rd bell of the ball

    4th diamond star


    1st rch gold dust woman

    2nd my girl lollipop

    20-22 main final

    1st highland warrior laddie

    2nd rch queens topaz

    3rd rch mystify me

    4th femme fatale


    1st lilo lil

    2nd white warrior

    3rd wilsdon billy mac

    4th typhoon bill

    23-25 main final

    1st rch its me

    2nd angel of mine

    3rd rch sapphire gem

    4th blue sea of ibrox


    1st any other business

    2nd sydney

    3rd dream chaser

    26-28 main final

    1st spellbinder

    2nd rch quiver

    3rd thunderstruck

    4th snatch


    1st highland laddie

    2nd hoodwinked

    29-32 main final
    1st warhorse
    2nd Rch Shropshire joc-key
    3rd just my luck
    4th herbie hood
    Cons1st captain morgan

    2nd ryamber this charming man

    14-20 vet main final

    1st vc typhoon tilly

    2nd midnight rose

    3rd vc fuller surprises

    4th highland gold


    1st millipede

    21-26 vet main final

    1st ypres

    2nd better late than never

    3rd vc reason to believe

    4th the right stuff


    1st the menin gate

    27-32 vet main final

    1st vc enchanter

    2nd vc blue and white dynamite

    3rd vc geisha girl



    1st maid at mill

    2nd highland warrior laddie


    1st lilo lil

    2nd highland laddie

    3rd any other business

    4th captain morgan


    1st ypres

    2nd typhoon tilly

    3rd enchanter

    main supreme winner Maid at mill

    vet supreme winner Ypres
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  3. BeeJay

    BeeJay New Member Registered

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    Thanks to the Northern mob for putting on yet another good open with the usual fabbo Northern atmosphere. :thumbsup: You could have done summat about the rain. But then I was the ONLY IDIOT to forget her coat. I did get a bit wet at the end.

    Traveled home on cloud nine only to discover that the dogs that we'd left at home had dug a huge hole in my king size very expensive ('cause I have a bad back) mattress. So I could be sleeping on the dog destuffed settee tonight. I dunno which is going to hurt my back more. What I'd like to know is why was it on my side that the hole was dug. :rant:

    Congrats to everyone who helped put the open on, all the dogs who ran in it and especially those supreme winning dogs and their owners. Why is it that some odd blokey lurks in the back of photos? At least he wasn't waving at the camera and shouting 'hello mum!'

    (w00t) (w00t) (w00t)
  4. highlander

    highlander New Member Registered

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    Thankyou to the Northern Pedigree Whippet Racing Club for a great day, the weather could have been better but all in all it was a great weekend for the scottish dogs with my benji (Highland warriors laddie) winning the 20-22 pound weight group it was totally unexpected but we are so proud, also our jackson (highland laddie) in winning the 26-28 pound consolation final, also my girl lil ran well in the 14- 20 pound veteran weight group, well done to stuart and laura on their dog angel of mine coming 2nd in the 23-25 pound weight group, well done to stephanie on her alfie ( white warrior) coming 2nd in the 20-22 pound consolation final, also congratulations to mandy and derek on their dogs doing well, gio (blue sea of ibrox coming 4th in the 23-25 pound final, also to gazza (blue and white dynamite coming 2nd in the 27-32 pound veteran final and also sassy(blue diamond) and novo(blue highland devil) ran really well in their weight groups, also would like to say a BIG congratulations to Christine and Norman in maisie (maid at mill) winning her weight group and also winning the main supreme we are so proud and happy and we know Christine and Norman are too. Thankyou to everyone for their support especially garry mcgowan for phoning us and congratulating us for doing well it was much appreciated, also was nice to see wullie with cooper who ran well. So well done everyone and cant wait to see yous all again:)


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