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Old hall results Sunday 17.2.2013

Discussion in 'Dog Sports' started by dell, Feb 24, 2013.

  1. dell

    dell New Member Registered

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    Big sorry it's late


    R far away eyes 2

    B china girl 1 well done Carole

    165 yards LT weights

    R our frank 24-3 =2

    B Abigail party 24-3=1

    W fair weather friend 24-3=4

    BK picollo amico. 21-sc=3

    R our bea. 23-8=1

    B the sting. 19-4=2

    W chiquitita. 15-sc=3

    H / weights

    R blue darling. 31-4= 4

    B our china. 29-2=3

    W Kelly 28-1=2

    Bk hay girl. 27-sc=1

    R our India 31-5=3

    B lucky darling. 29-3=2

    W mega delight. 26-sc. =1

    Half time and while the workers had a cuppa there was some trails of pups and dogs ready to come back after long breaks

    Second half finals

    Lt wt finals

    C final

    R fair weather friend 24-9 = 3.

    B picollo amico 21-6 = 1 well done dee

    W chiquitita. 15-sc=2

    B final

    R our frank. 24-5= 2

    B the sting. 19-sc=1 well done Gilbert

    A final

    R abigals party. 24-1= 1 well done Steve

    B our bea. 23sc= 2

    H/ weights finals

    C final

    R blue darling. 31-2= 1 well done Jane

    B our India 31-2=3

    W our china 29-sc =2

    B final

    R lucky darling. 29-1= 1 well done Jane

    B Kelly. 28-sc = 2

    A final

    A hay girl 27-1= 1 well done Steve

    B mega delight. 26- sc= 2

    Well done everyone who raced, thank you to all the workers
  2. slimfast

    slimfast Elaine smith Registered

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    Well done for the results Donna :thumbsup: , Well done to all the winner's :thumbsup: See you all soon xx
  3. sherry

    sherry Active Member Registered

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    many thanks delia :cheers:

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