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Ornie and Sassi post prandial


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We have struggled and struggled with finding the right way to feed our fussy whips but finally at 17 months we have, hopefully and for the most part, found the answer. This shot is of our girls after their main meal, a little treat, and a lovely chew.
Lovely pic ...
Teddy eats anything but Sykes has been a nightmare with food ....
We have found a food he loves but just for their meat is £65 a week :eek:;)
What was the answer ....what did you find to feed them .....:):)
What was the answer ....what did you find to feed them .....:):)
I haven’t written about our ongoing saga before because of its lengthiness although at times of deep dispair I thought of putting it to the Forum. I will try to give you a short version!
We have gone the full gambit with them, starting with raw, cooking the raw, then good kibble mixes and finally onto human (usually organic) grade meat. This meant that we would cook the better part of a pound of chicken hearts or chicken pieces twice a day and hand chop as well as some vegetables in a bid to give them a more fully balanced diet. Costly to say the very least in terms of money and time. A plumber suggested Butternut and said he and his wife swore by it for their teacup chia. Well, they ate it for a day or two before we were back to supplementing the “home cooked” Butternut with the cooked fresh chicken. I kept veering off to waste more money in trying my latest find in prepared dog foods.

Finally, I was reading in Sunday Times about 6 wks ago an article and this guy was saying how during the present times people were all cutting back on most things but they don’t cut back on the care of their dogs. He then commented that he had just placed another order for “the most expensive dog food” Orijen. Of course, I went off on a search because I knew it could NOT be more than what we were spending and possibly just on the wasted food. Well, it is expensive but not hugely compared to many. I immediately ordered a 2kg bag and they gobbled it down for their first meal. I no longer break them in slowly as you can understand they were never stuck on one thing long enough. next day we were officially back to Refuseniks, Drive-Bys and Dead-Dog-on-the-Rug. So much for that! But there was a difference!! This time I’d had enough as there was nothing higher for them to aspire to. My old vet who was brilliant reassured me years ago that dogs won’t starve themselves but cat can. So for 2 1/2 days it was a battle of wills with some very unhappy Girls and parents. Then I tossed a little water on a few pieces and they ate it. Next morning, I soaked a large meal for two whilst we went for our mad walk through the meadows. Upon return we mixed in a small spoon of duck fat and it went down a treat. We went on like this and I gained enough faith to buy a big bag and some 2kg bags of other varieties.

Success continues although I am now finding that Sassi really wants just one meal a day and that’s post walk. After they’ve cleaned their bowl, they are immediately given a Lilys Kitchen little sausage and then a natural chew of some variety. Yes, an expensive regime but not nearly so expensive as what we had previously been up to and we’ve also got a little more time. I suspect their favourite is All Prairie. The list of ingredients is fabulous and I simply couldn’t wish for a better balance. I also discovered a slightly cheaper version called Arcana which I strongly suspect to be Orijen’s sister company and they also seem to enjoy it.

I am so sorry to have so long winded!

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