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Over vaccination

Discussion in 'Dog Health' started by K9manifesto, Oct 13, 2020.

  1. K9manifesto

    K9manifesto New Member Registered

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    i heard about the negative reaction for dogs nor some says that it can cause ill or severe diseases like cancer for dogs!? is it true?
  2. poptart

    poptart Member Registered

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    It's one of those controversial issues that comes up time to time. I've heard it said annual vaccination is a nice little earner for vets and not really necessary. Depends on how you feel about vaccination. I'm sure you'll find people willing to argue both sides.
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  3. Biker John

    Biker John Well-Known Member Registered

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    As far as I can tell yes some dogs have a reaction to vaccinations but, at least in a short time very few. Most do not. I have come across people stating their dogs developed a cancer after a vac, but only a very few reports, and if you accept that if a dog, (or indeed a human), will develop a cancer then it is easy to look at anything that happened before it and wonder if that caused it. I have not found any reliable reports of vacs causing a cancer so for that I am not worried. Their is evidence that in the UK most vets do vac more often then strictly required, if this is them thinking of their bank balance or earing on the side of caution I can not say. For myself, and I do not and have not tried to change other owners minds, I get a Titer test done yearly. This tells me my dog still has protection without repeating her vaccinations.
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