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Own Business with no Parking?

Big Frankie999

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Does anyone work from home as a groomer but have no Parking? My house is up for sale and wondering if this is absolutely crucial. Is it not so important if you live near a station?

I'm a little confused actually. If your house is up for sale, wouldn't it be up to the potential buyers to decide whether lack of parking was a problem?
Sorry I meant my house is up for sale so I'm looking for a new house and wondering if I groomed from home in the new house with no parking but was a near a station, if this would affect how many customers you got etc
It depends on the location of your house. If there's plenty of on-road parking close by, then I can't see why it would be a problem - plenty of grooming parlours have no parking but are in shopping parades with parking for shoppers. But particularly given the cost of public transport and the practicalities of taking dogs on public transport, I can't see many people even considering that as an option.
I would look for a house with off road parking for at least 2 cars ...and check in the new house that you can run a business from it as alot of new build homes have covenants about running a business from home ...
Good luck in your house search :)
Thanks for replies, yes I think I would have to have at least parking nearby. And being near a station won't help, but close to a town centre I expect would. As people would go shopping maybe and leave there dog with you if you were close by.
If I had to take my dogs to the groomers I would definitely not use public transport,,when I can use my car to got to a number of other groomers.

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