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Possible mammory gland cancer and costs

Discussion in 'Dog Health' started by Kimbers, Jun 16, 2020.

  1. Kimbers

    Kimbers New Member Registered

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    Hi everyone.
    Looking for some advise if anyone is the know. I have an 8 year old yorkie girl and she's developed a lump on her underbelly. I've spoken to the vet (telephone consultation due to bloody coronavirus) he wants her to come in on Thursday to have a fine needle biopsy. I am insured but only for 2 grand per condition. I'm worried about the overall cost if it does turn out to be cancer. I'm furloughed at the moment and we're struggling as it is. But I love my dog so much. Any ideas of general cost of these things. Or if anyone has experience with a lump turning out to be benine. Any help appreciated.

    Thanks :(
  2. excuseme

    excuseme Well-Known Member Registered

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    August 2019: A lump removed from a rear booby. 7 year old entire female.
    Total which included an External lab fee of (£96.93) was £552.99 vat was included in this.

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