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Selling Pulsed magnetic field therapy unit (same as portamag)

June Jonigk

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BioMag 2 £150




This is the same unit as would run a Portamag box. It comes with a wrap which is wrapped around the affected area, and secured by velcro. The wrap can also be laid out in a crate creating the same effect as the Portamag, as it contains two coils, the same as would be in the bottom of a Portamag box. The difference of this unit being that instead of treating the whole dog for say a broken leg or shoulder muscle injury, you could just put the wrap around the leg or shoulder, which is more direct. I bought this unit as an upgrade to the BioMag 1A which I am also selling. It has 2 connection points, so with extra attachments it could treat 2 dogs, or run 2 Portamag type boxes.

We have given up racing now, so have no use for these units. This unit was purchased from a human physiotherapist, and instructions for human use are included too. This is a rechargeable unit and has just had new rechargeable battery installed - these batteries should last for at least 5 years. It is easy to transport to a race meeting and has an ice pack setting which is beneficial for early treatment of injuries, and is much more comfortable for the dog than ice. It came to me in the aluminium case pictured. I would think postage would be around £10. More details of this unit and extra attachments can be found here Dr David Somerville has been very helpful in the past, and is happy to be contacted for advice.

BioMag 2 info

BioMag 1A £175




This unit is much the same as above, but a previous model. I actually prefer this one! As well as the wrap, it has extra attachments. The single applicator is handy for treating toe injuries or concentrating on one area. It also has an extra infra red phototherapy attachment. I have never used this attachment, and do not have instructions on using it. It must have been bought as an extra attachment, as the instructions do not mention it. I would think Westville would be able to provide instructions for it. These units are particularly good for the early union of bone fractures - see here for info

How it works

Lots of info including veterinary

Contact details for Westville

PM me for any other info :)
Hello, do you still have these units. I have a 14 yr old Springer with spondolytis and believe these would help her condition. I have been looking at the porta-mag cages but the price and size of the cage puts me off. Your unit would appear to be very portable. Do you put the wrap round the dog or can you just place it in their bed?

Look forward to hearing from you. Kind regard Stella

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