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Puppy biting is getting too far! Help!

Discussion in 'Puppy Forum' started by C&Hugo, Oct 30, 2020.

  1. C&Hugo

    C&Hugo New Member Registered

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    Hello all,
    I know puppy biting is normal, and all of them do it but with my 3month old cocker spaniel, it is more than anoying. He doesn't bite when he's tired, only then he's full of energy, which still is normal. He bites alot, and grabs onto clothing. We yelp, we replace with toy, but that seems to keep it more and iresistabel to bite! He won't let go, and once you force him he is now starting to bouce back and bite more. He likes to jump and eat hair and bite noses and EVERYTHING! My parents r really consurned about what happened to my sis whos not even 10 yet. I was stroking him and my sis came over to jump on my back and say "PIGGY BAG RIDE!" Like she does a lot. Hugo then joined in and jumped on my back. I moved out of the way and said "NO!" While making him sit. He then ran over to my sis jumped on her back and aggressively tried to bite her, he was growling but it was def a play growl he jumped and bit her hair until she was actually screaming "Ah-ah GET HIM OFF! AAAA!" (she is a bit of a drama queen, keep in mind) my d came in and pulled him off by his neck, he then locked him out of the room and ignored him. Hugo HAS actually tried doing this to me several times, but I stand up and he just bites my leggings or jeans. He also likes to HANG ONTO my legs while trying to bite them.. which may be a sighn of dominance... Like I said, we've tried EVERYTHING! I know its hard... but is this normal? And, what should we do about it?
  2. JudyN

    JudyN Moderator Moderator Registered

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    It's nothing to do with aggression, and nothing to do with dominance - he's just finding it a really exciting game, and you and your family are making it even more exciting with all the shrieking and shouting. Your sister, I'm afraid, needs to learn that she needs to be calm around him.

    Yelping works with some dogs, but others, it just tends to wind them up more, so I suggest you stop doing that, or even saying 'No'. ('No' means nothing to a dog, but he will pick up on the energy level in your voice and it will increase his energy.)

    Have a read of this post on puppy biting: Puppy biting Removing a puppy who has attached himself to your leg isn't easy, but you need to find a way to do it calmly - wear wellies indoors if necessary!
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  3. JoanneF

    JoanneF Well-Known Member Registered

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    You have had him for around a month I think? This could be part of the problem. Pick one thing, the thing most likely to work, and be consistent.

    Some people find putting a toy in the dog's mouth works, others find the puppy is still more interested in nipping hands. My preferred method is to teach him that teeth on skin equals end of fun. So as soon as he makes contact, walk out of the room for a few moments. As long as the whole family is consistent - do it immediately and do it every time - he will learn. You could use a house line to draw him away, which keeps your hands both out of reach and also keeps hands for only good things.
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