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Puppy can't have kibble - what can I give her?


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Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

My Husky puppy is 14 weeks old today, and since we've had her we've really struggled with getting her on the right food. She has had diarrhea since we had her, and in the last few weeks have discovered - through a process of elimination - that she just can't seem to have puppy kibble. As soon as we give her any, regardless of brand (we have tried lots), the diarrhea comes back.

At the moment she is just on canned puppy meat, and finally we have solid poo! That said, I am concerned that this doesnt have the correct nutritional balance in it, and so I'd like to ask other puppy/dog owners who have had this problem what they've given their pets? I'm happy to keep giving her Pedigree Chum Puppy Food, but I'm just conscious she needs more that this. Any advice?

Thank you!
I wrote a really long reply to this post the other day. I'm not sure what's happened to it :( . I will try and come back to this later as on iPhone now.

The short version is I would get her off pedigree. We had similar issues years ago with a pup and turns out pedigree was just too rich for her tummy.

Find a food quality kibble that has no wheat, gluten or corn, and see if it has a 'sensitive' variety or a lamb or fish version with rice, veg, or potato rather than grains. This made all the difference.

Later in her life she had a cast iron tummy and could eat anything but needed a sensetive diet for a year or so

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