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Puppy mouthing and chewing

Discussion in 'Puppy Forum' started by Mollywobbles, Oct 6, 2018.

  1. Mollywobbles

    Mollywobbles New Member Registered

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    So our 16 week old springer X labradoodle pup has settled in well. Seems to be fully housetrained now, walks nicely on and off lead, comes to call and has mastered sit and is learning other things, starts puppy classes in a few weeks.
    BUT she's getting really mouthy and really chewy, favourite our arms, rugs, shoes and suchlike. She has toys. She has teething toys, raw bones, an antler, and a Kong which she is totally uninterested in. She does chew her bones and toys but often just goes for whatever is closest. Is this just teething? How do I stop her chewing my arm? I'm going for a sharp NO and removing her but she keeps bouncing and biting once she's started so I've started putting her in her crate to calm down. Yay or nay? She gets plenty of exercise and correct food for her weight.
  2. JudyN

    JudyN Moderator Moderator Registered

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    It could be teething - and if it isn't, that will kick in soon enough - or it could be normal puppy biting. It's a phase, and it can take a while to eliminate completely, but there's a lot you can do to help.

    Some dogs respond well to a sharp 'no' or a yelp, others just get more excited and so more bitey. Calmly putting her in the crate to cool off can work, but you don't want the crate to be seen as punishment, so it wouldn't be my preferred method. The best approach IMO is to calmly remove yourself from her the moment teeth touch skin. Don't say anything, don't make eye contact, but walk out of the room and shut the stairgate/door. Or use a trailing houselead and put her out the room.

    The 'timeout' need only be about 5-10 seconds - you don't want her forgetting what she was doing before the fun stopped, and maybe getting distressed about the separation or finding something else 'naughty' to do. Let her back in, and continue what you were doing. If she bites again (which she almost certainly will) repeat the above. You might be putting her in and out of timeout a dozen times in a few minutes and it is exhausting, but eventually, you should see her go for your arm, but then hesitate... OK, the temptation might be too much and she might bite anyway, but it's a sign that the penny is beginning to drop.
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  3. datamonkey

    datamonkey New Member Registered

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    We tried the "OUCH" thing with our two month old that chewed on us when she got excited and it seemed to work really well. They don't want to hurt you and as soon they realise that's what's happening they seem to stop.
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  4. pongo111

    pongo111 Member Registered

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    Our 5 month chews our arms when excited.
    I don't mind it sometimes, but on occasion now it's becoming quite a strong bite !
    I've tried the turning around and ignoring her but it hasn't done a lot. if i persevere hopefully it will work eventually!
    he's not at all interested in the kong. loves most other plastic or cardboard things. she really loves brushes of any kind - toothbrushes/hairbrushes/washing up brushes :)

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