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Puppy Spaniel bowl

Discussion in 'Puppy Forum' started by Newbie10, Nov 15, 2018.

  1. Newbie10

    Newbie10 New Member Registered

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    Can anyone recommend a Spaniel bowl small enough for a puppy ?

    I've been looking around and I can't seem to find one that is small enough for my little guy :(

    He is 10 weeks old

    Thank you
  2. merlina

    merlina Well-Known Member Registered

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    Just search for 'long eared dog bowl' and you'll get plenty of hits- best are the one with a turned-in rim. BUT if your CS puppy is anything like this one of ours he'll double in size every two weeks so won't need a puppy bowl for long. :eek: Just joking but you may find a bowl he has to chase around the floor (a light plastic one for starters) at least slows him down! good luck...;)

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