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Puppy Toilet Training

Cath S

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Hi. I was wondering if somebody could give me some advice. My puppy is 7 months old and has not had a toilet accident in the house for at least a few months - I would like to keep it that way. He sleeps through the night from about 10.30 pm until 7ish without needing to go to the toiler. However, during the day its a different matter - when he is awake he generally needs to go every half an hour - sometimes more. He is having a vet check tomorrow so we will see what they say. My question is I know they learn to hold their bladder but does this come naturally or is this something I should be forcing him to do or just let nature take its course. I don't want him thinking that I wont take him out if he needs to go but at the same time am I making a rod for my own back and therefore he is not learning? I should say he has had a recent op so maybe this is related albeit it has always needed to go more than most dogs of the same age. Any help is much appreciated
You would expect him to hold a little longer but on the other hand, every indoor accident is a step backwards. What happens if you stretch to 35 minutes?
I have just stretched it a bit - he literally asked to go 10 mins later so I distracted him with a toy. It only seems to work for a bit and then back to the door - literally whining, crying and pawing the door.
Could there be something rewarding about going into the garden? Does he still get a reward for peeing outside? Or could he even be anxious about something in the garden and feel the need to check it out regularly?

It might be that making wee trips a little less interesting will help - take him out on lead, don't interact with him, then when he wees take him back in again. And only reward wees if you think he still needs reinforcement that the garden is the place to go.

Other things to consider are whether he could be marking rather than emptying his bladder - and that depending on what his op was, it might affect sensation in that area.
We do live in a flat with communal gardens and sometimes he does hear people outside - he is very sociable and wants to say hi. He is very good at a quick wee and back in but sometimes does want to play. It was a stomach op so will see what the vet says tomorrow - at least try and rule out something medical.
So Freddie has come a long way with toileting recently - no accidents in the house since about sept time. I still take him out first thing, last thing, after meals and in between albeit he is holding things longer. He has however just come back from daycare today and apparently has weeded and pooed at the daycare ladies house several times. First time he went he was ill and she was very understanding. Second time no issues - this is the 3rd time. Is there anything else I can do or is this ‘on her’? She did think he might have been trying things on and testing the boundaries. Any advice appreciated.
He isn't testing boundaries and if I can be blunt, I'm a little concerned she thinks that (because if she thinks that, it's not a big step further to punishment for doing something 'wrong').

It's probably something far more simple. Dogs don't generalise their learning well. So, in Freddie's mind, 'don't toilet in your house' is a very different thing from 'don't toilet in her house'.

She hasn't been taking him out enough.

Excitement may have played a part too, a bit like small kids who have just come out of nappies that get so caught up in what they are doing that they forget, or don't want to stop, to toilet appropriately.

So I'm afraid if it was me, I'd have to have a frank conversation with her and find out her views on boundaries, discipline etc. And if they are outdated, I'd be quietly planning my exit strategy.
Ok thanks - I did wonder. To be fair to her she was very relaxed about it and just wondered if he did it at home? Thanks as always for your advice
Maybe just make sure that she is on the same page as you regarding taking him out regularly, and praising and rewarding when he successfully toilets outside.

It might also be worth checking she cleans with an enzyme cleaner to make sure there aren’t dog smells attracting him to toilet inside.

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