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Qualifiers For Ireland's Two International Championships

Discussion in 'Hound' started by AlbertJ, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. AlbertJ

    AlbertJ New Member Registered

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    Qualifying Shows for the Master Mc Grath Challenge & Five Nations Championships – Each competition has a prize fund for the winner of over £1,000 in cash & prizes for final details see and

    Sunday 22nd April Jack Russell Club of Great Britain ( Scottish region) Kirkaldy Fife

    Sunday May 6th Ballywalter Game Fair, Ballywalter Co Down ( 5th & 6th May 2012)

    Saturday May 12th Lawrencetown Show, Co Down

    Sunday May 20th Mourne Charity Show at Glasdrumman

    Monday 4th June - Aberconwy Working Dogs Terrier, Lurcher, Pet & Ferret Show (Llandudno)

    Saturday June 9th Clondulane Country Fair Clondulane Village, Fermoy Co. Cork

    Sunday 24th June Borders Area Field Sports Show, Hawick

    Sunday 24th June Llansadwrn Hound Terrier and Lurcher show

    MASTER McGRATH FINAL Saturday 7th July Irish Game Fair Shanes Castle : Master Mc Grath Final Also Novice Racing Challenge ( final) and the 25th Annual All Ireland Racing Championships



    Qualifiers taking place at all of the above shows plus :

    Sunday 8th July Irish Game Fair Shanes Castle: AND the 25th All Ireland Terrier, Whippet and Lurcher Championships qualifying heat for the Five Nations Championships

    Sunday 26th August Irish Game & Country Fair Qualifier for the Five Nations Show Championship at the Show at Birr followed by the Final.

    Already Qualified for the Master Mc Grath Final:

    From last year: The Defending Champion

    The Over 23” and Under 23” Winners from Birr Castle

    The Over 23” and Under 23” Winners from the 2011 Scottish Champion of Champions Show

    The Over 23” and Under 23” Winners from the Rosscrea Clubs 2012 March Meeting.

    The Over 23” and Under 23” Winners from the Annaghmore Charity Show

    The Over 23” and Under 23” Winners from the Southern Shires Bloodhounds Terrier and Lurcher Show - Sunday 15th April

    We will still consider applications from qualifying shows particularly from England !

    We have very special ferry rates and we make a contribution towards expenses for competitors travelling from the UK
  2. flash1993

    flash1993 Member Registered

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    is there no qualifers in england anywhere ? :/ its a shame if there isnt

    Josh :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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