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Rch/nch Viv's Quest X Connor's Lass


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Well Mr. Quest needs no introduction ...

But Miss Lass needs a little help ...

Connor's Lass 22lb

NWRF Championship r-up

BWRA Championship r-up

Golden Jacket Supreme Bitch

Open Heat and Weight Class Winner

Leggy with Stamina to Burn and an Incredible Bend Ability.

(Well Bred Too !!! ;) )

Interested ? Get in touch !!!

:luck: good luck with it fleesh hope it all goes well 4 u! :luck:
Well at three and a half weeks the signs are reading the right way (if you call them signs).

A few days ago she went off her rawhide chews, wouldn't touch them and they are her favourite treat.

Yesterday I fed her dinner with sardines and she ate the sardines but wouldn't touch the rest for another hour.

Today I fed her dinner with tunafish which is her favourite (the only thing we can get her to eat when at racing) and after 3 attempts and 3 hours of eating it she had left the tunafish altogether. . . but she ate the lamb she was given half an hour later . . . maybe she is just trying it on but I doubt it as she has not gone off her food for no reason since we got blaze.
Kerri at 4 weeks, appologies for the quality of the shot it was taken in the dark.

Anyone think she is pregnant ? :p She weighs 24lb 6oz there (pop her in a carrier bag and plonk her on the scales !!! ) :b . Anyone who wants to see what she used to look like at 24lb take a look at Dec 03's W/N !!!

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Looking and sounding promising .........Inca became really picky and went off her food from early on in her pregnancy.........fingers crossed for you :D
looks &sounds good to me as well :))

All the very best :thumbsup:
Well she seems to be back onto some other types of food now, practically snatched my hand off this morning for some pasta !!!

(BTW Kerri doesn't snatch at any time not even for Beef !!!)

She is looking even bigger now and she is only 5 weeks today, she looks fit and healthy and not particularly 'fat' at all (just a Whippt with a bit extra at the back of the ribs).

She went out for a 2 and a half mile walk with my sister yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed herself - she would have gone all over again except that Blaze was not allowed out as she is "under house arrest and confined to barracks" (so to speak).

4 weeks to go !!!
Photograph on week number 5 ... 25lb 8oz :lol:

Kerri is eating better now, she can manage a small breakfast, a medium sized dinner and some fruit in the evening. She is still thoroughly enjoying herself off on a 3 mile walk today. After going up ahead with Blaze for a while looking out rabbits she settled in at the back and was quite contented to trot along behind. :wub:

Poor Kerri, her tummy is getting in the way of her when she climbs in the bed. Instead she now just frogs out across your knees. :wub: She only frogs when she's well so it must be a good sign :unsure: .

Another Mum (mine) is stressing out already, I have assured her that we have midwife on call ... isn't that right Karen :- "

Hopefully Kerri will be as thoughtful as Cindy and do it through the night and you wake up with babies waiting for you - LOL

But if needed will be glad to help :D
Pleased to hear she taken :D well done Kerri and Sam even though hes missing half a ear now :- "
Another picture tonight of Kerri @ 6 weeks - hopefully she is only having a few pups, we are guessing one dog and two bitches for one reason only lol ...

Kerri was from a litter of 2 dogs 1 bitch and her sire was from a litter 2 dogs and 1 bitch though you never know and it is the dog that decides the sex after all.

Hear that Sam ?

2 dogs, 1 bitch please :- "
(w00t) LOL @ u fleesh mickey whizz's mam whizziwig was from a litter of 13 lol she had one! lol bet u r getting excited now?
saw you wish on three pups sam 's biggest litter was 9 6 bitches 3 dogs, his smallest litter (home alone) 2 bitches his average is 5 pups a litter and has thrown more bitches than dogs. Has that confused you any more :huggles: :huggles:

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