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Discussion in 'Dog Behaviour and Training' started by Goldens4ever, May 4, 2021.

  1. Goldens4ever

    Goldens4ever Guest


    Not sure if this is the right place to post this.

    Im fascinated by dog body language and have also been learning how to train a dog. I mainly follow Victoria stilwell and have read all her books. ( im currently reading her puppy book)

    Im going to do a lot of reading here on body language and training and socialization ect but i do prefer books is there any other book reccomendations any of you have for either body language or training.

    Ive also read pippa mattisons labrador and puppy book
  2. JoanneF

    JoanneF Well-Known Member Registered

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    I haven't read it but I have seen recommendations for Lili Chin's book Doggie Language.

    And you might want to check out material by Turid Rugaas.
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  3. Goldens4ever

    Goldens4ever Guest

    Thank you , I'll check them out
  4. Hemlock

    Hemlock Well-Known Member Registered

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    Susanne Clothier is worth looking at as well. Another vote for Lily Chin and also Emma Judson's Canine Consultant site, and Kikopup. This info is mostly internet rather than books - I prefer books too - but still worth perusing.
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  5. Goldens4ever

    Goldens4ever Guest

    Thank you I'll check them all out
  6. JacksDad

    JacksDad Active Member Registered

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    You also asked about training books. Going to suggest something a little different. That is study the underlying science too, but from the text books about the science of learning and behavior. There is well established science with decades of experiments in how to get behavior, how to maintain it, and how to change it and not all dog trainers understand or know that. No matter how good a trainer book is, there is always a chance a mistake slips in or a long held misunderstanding. By also studying closer to the "source", you will serve your future clients better than relying on others to "translate" for you via dog training books.

    A good start is

    Learning and Behavior 7th Edition
    Paul Chance ISBN-10 1111832773 ISBN13 978-1111832773

    The writing style and depth is very good for a introductory text book.

    It is all the "rage" to say one is science based with their dog training. Excellent step forward....but now trainers have to back that up with action, not just words. A really good book to help you with what it means to be science based and/or evidence based is.

    How to Think Straight About Psychology
    Keith Stanovich ISBN-10 0134478622 ISBN-13 978-0134478623

    It's not actually a Psychology book, but a book about what is science, what that means etc.
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  7. Inka

    Inka Active Member Registered

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    One of the best I have found is Norweigian dog trainer, educator, author is Turid Rugaas if you search online you will find her website and FB page

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