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Rescued a 6.5 week old puppy - tips and help needed!


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Hi everyone,

Looking for some advice and any tips you have as experience dog owners.

Me and my partner have rescued a puppy from a farm where she was the runt of the litter and the farmer has suggested she would ‘have to be put down if no one took her’ because she was ‘lazy and not a good farm dog’. She was being kept separate from her mother in a shed on her own which is so sad. We couldn’t leave her there so we said we would take her.

We are booking in vaccinations, deworming etc for the 8 week mark but in the meantime, how should we be caring for this puppy?

We have both had dogs in the past but never this young. Should we be doing things differently? The vet suggested mixing dry food with water to make it okay for her to eat so we’re doing that.

I just feel a bit worried about if there’s different care I should be giving to this pup that is less than 8 weeks.

Any advice with regards to sleeping, eating, toilet duties, crate use, general care etc would be greatly appreciated.

Breed: Collie cross with Kelpie
Age: 6 and a half weeks

She is doing amazingly well, settled in really nicely with us and you can tell she’s relaxed. She loves cuddling up on the couch with us! She cried twice in the night and then fell asleep fairly quickly so that was good.

Thanks in advance!
Well done and rescuing this pup from a terrible fate. Thank you. I honestly despair at the attitude of some people, the farmer in this case.

I've never had a young dog, but would suggest patience and love and attention are key. Some experts will be along shortly. Keep us updated please!
I think one of the main issues is that she will be missing out on a lot of the learning she would have had from her mum and littermates. If you know anyone with a vaccinated, calm, female dog, it might help if they could meet? Maybe ask your vet whether they know of any, they may have had a client whose female has raised a litter?
I would start by changing her food to either raw or a good quality wet food ....until she is a little older ...ewes replacement milk is also great for rejected pups you can buy it in powdered form and make it as you go ...
When I was young (a LONG time ago!) pups usually changed homes at 6 weeks. I've also bred several litters from my own dogs, and at 5 weeks they are well on the way to learning about their world. So although yours is very young, it shouldn't be a big problem teaching her about her world, and being her Safe Place. She is a cross between two highly intelligent and driven breeds, so will present challenges but in a nice way. so you have much to learn together.

Consistency is vital in your interaction with her, and she will learn best in a calm environment. Please don't let people try to razz her up and get her excited. There's a lovely dog in there.
I would agree with @Tinytom and offer your puppy some quality wet food or the easiest product for such a young puppies tummy, would be raw meat. I have never used lamb milk on puppies but Goat milk is easily accepted and consumed without any tummy problems, either milk will be digested with more ease than Cow's milk.
The kibbles today are very often based on grains and are very difficult for a lot of dogs and puppies to digest, causing bad upset tummies and the runs.
Products to look for; Natures Menu frozen minces, which is conveniently available from most good pet stores or the "Millies Wolfheart" kibble which is Grain free and suitable for all age stages.
Millies Wolfheart, combined with some goats milk is a wonderful combination. The pups absolutely lap it up! Been using a brand called fettle for our goats milk (comes in powder form and just rehydrate it)
I start weaning onto raw at 2.5 weeks, at 5 weeks bones are introduced and by 6 to 6.5 weeks the puppies are weaned from mum completely onto their solid meat mixes only so that by the time they leave home at 8 weeks they are properly independent of any milk and ready for the big wide world.
Your puppy is more likely to suffer tummy upsets from a new milk supply than not offering her any at all at this time. I have never weaned onto "Millies" alone or without any fresh meat but I am sure it will be ok.

Same here. Pups went straight onto raw topped up with milk from their mother from around the same time. I let them choose, and they chose! Also their little teeth quickly become very sharp big teeth and it's hard on Mama's milkbar, so they went onto solid food with almost no help from me apart from making it available.

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