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Results of the 2nd scottish championships 2014

Discussion in 'Dog Sports' started by Derekrfc, Jul 23, 2014.

  1. Derekrfc

    Derekrfc Active Member Registered

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    Sorry it has taken so long to post results but just home from the park.

    A huge thankyou to all who came and supported the Club from near and far you all helped to make it a great Championship.

    Main 14 - 19lb Final

    1st ScCh Maid at Mill

    2nd Sweet Horizon.

    3rd Angels Will Fly.

    4th Thistle 'B' Duke.

    Cons 14 - 19lb Final

    1st Jay Star.

    2nd Rock On Ruby.

    3rd The Meerkat.

    Main 20 - 22lb Final

    1st ScCh Blue Diamond

    2nd Oops A Daisy.

    3rd Dark Delight.

    4th Rch ScCh Highland Warrior Laddie

    Cons 20 - 22lb Final

    1st Lilo Lil.

    2nd Angel Among Us.

    3rd Bravepad Zac.

    4th Wilsdon Little mac.

    Main 23 - 25lb Final

    1st ScCh Blue Dynamite Girl.

    2nd ScCh Angel Of Mine.

    3rd One In A Mill.

    4th Cosmic Light.

    Cons 23 - 25lb Final

    1st Wilsdon Brindle Star.

    2nd Blue Sea Of Ibrox.

    3rd Earth Goddess.

    4th Silkspun Blackbird.

    Main 26 - 28lb Final.

    1st ScCh Markamy's Black Bentley.

    2nd Bravepad Goode Lad.

    3rd ScCh Highland Laddie.

    4th Fool's Gold.

    Cons 26 - 28lb Final

    1st No Jacket Required.

    2nd Special Brew.

    3rd Wreck It Alfie.

    Main 29 - 32lb Final

    1st ScCh Longbow.

    2nd Markamy's Red Fred.

    3rd Captain Morgan.

    4th Rch Shropshire Jockey.

    Cons 29 - 32lb Final.

    1st Just My Luck.

    2nd Rch Wilsdon Starr.

    3rd Silkspun St Andrew.

    Over's Main Final.

    1st ScCh Conan The Barbarian.

    2nd Silkspun Fidget.

    3rd Turn Point.

    Veteran 14 - 20lb Final

    1st ScVCh Midnight Rose.

    2nd Blue Angel.

    Veteran 21 - 26lb Final.

    1st ScVCh Highland Warrior.

    Veteran 27 - 32lb Final.

    1st ScVCh Geisha Girl.

    2nd Mr Frodo.

    3rd Squashbug.

    Main Supreme Final. Winner ScSupCh " Maid At Mill "

    2nd Blue Diamond.

    3rd Blue Dynamite Girl.

    4th Longbow.

    Cons Supreme Final. Winner ScConSupCh " Jay Star "

    2nd Lilo Lil

    3rd Wilsdon Brindle Star.

    4th Just My Luck.

    5th NoJacket Required.

    Veteran Supreme Winner ScVetSupCh. " Geisha Girl "

    2nd Midnight Rose.

    Huge Congratulations to ALL runners, Finalist's and Winners.

    Hope to see you all again next year.......
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  2. wolfie9

    wolfie9 New Member Registered

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    A BIG THANK YOU....Goes out to you and Mandy and all the club members for all your hard work the track was spot on.

    thank you for making us all welcome and for butting on a great 2nd Scottish championship.

    See ya all next year.

    from the shropshire lot......

    Congratulations to all the Finalists and winners
  3. mandyrfc

    mandyrfc New Member Registered

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    :thumbsup: ;) Thank you sooooo much Chriss glad you had a good time as always the Shropshire gang are 1st 2 enter hope your boy is better the day c ya at the wcra in a couple of weeks take care mate

    LOTS OF LOVE THE BLUE GANG xxxxxxxxxxxxxx ;) :wink:
  4. Markamys

    Markamys New Member Registered

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    Thanks as well from the Markamy's, we had a great time as well and love the Jacket. :thumbsup:
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  5. wolfie9

    wolfie9 New Member Registered

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    Thanks Mandy my boy alot better now thanks for asking..

    Big well done to your boys Dave was good to see you and your family.. :thumbsup:
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