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Rocket in leafy salads.


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Does anyone like the taste of "Rocket" and why is it being added to all green leaf salads.
This seems to be a modern green leaf added to what used to be nice mellow mixed leaf salad and ruins the taste of everything. I hate it and pick out every bit that I can find before starting to eat any salad on my plate, this means that the hot part of a meal has got very cool while I have to sort out this leaf that is very strongly flavoured and horrible!
I am talking about meals eaten out, not homemade.
I like rocket, but my mum has a similar gripe - in a restaurant she'll ask for proper iceberg lettuce, not those 'silly little leaves that get stuck between the teeth'!
My husband likes rocket too. But it overpowers all other tastes in a salad and it's horrible !
I would be quiet happy with the watery iceberg any day.
It's just the latest hype isn't it? I don't mind the odd rocket Leaf but not loads of it.
It's bit like balsamic vinegar I personally don't like it we went to the restaurant of a famous TV chef in London and the meal was ruined by a thick and I really mean thick layer of balsamic vinegar over everything I couldn't taste if the meat was fresh a week old or a year old because all you could taste of the whole meal was vinegar.
And whats with the salted caramel ? It seems you can't buy anything without it being flavoured with salted caramel, a little is nice but not on everything..
I love balsamic vinegar. Salted caramel/chocolate though? There's a reason we don't sprinkle salt on our puddings, it's a terrible idea...
I love rocket - I could eat it by the bagful! Just send me yours.
Rocket lover here - we grow it on the windowsill. I’d rather have a bowl of rocket than a packet of crisps or biscuits 😀
Yep, another big fan of rocket here too! I happily eat it just on it's own, loads of it!:D
Also love salted dark choc(with or without caramel) and chilli choc...:rolleyes::cool:
Have you ever had chillI chocolate ice cream? Now, that's taking it to a whole new level.
Wow that sounds nice! Wonder if you can get a non cow juice version??
My favourite ice cream is the "New Forest" Oriental Ginger, mmm
Hmm, interesting...oriental ginger... so is that just ginger or does it have other oriental bits in it like lemon grass? I could imagine that being rather tasty!
I quite enjoy rocket but only as a balanced combination. It can be (or with my taste buds) overwhelming of other ingredients. The same goes for balsamic and for curries - for me curries can either be a fragrant combination or food that hurts.
Has anyone got an air fryer? Now there’s a discussion topic.
Isn't an air fryer just a microwave in disguise?? I won't have one of those either, not unless my family agree to me(they point blank refuse to wear one strangely) wearing my tin foil hat for protection...!:oops::D:D:D
Ive got two air fryers a single and one of the double ones. Cuts the use of oil for frying , cuts the use of oven use for small portions.

We use it for all sorts of things not just the advertised chips and sausages..

(got a microwave too, I like it as a plate warmer.)
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Isn't an air fryer just a microwave in disguise??
No, it's more a very small oven in disguise. I got one a couple of weeks ago and really like it. Chips do well, bean burgers (the ones that come in a breadcrumby crust) come out lovely and crunchy, and it's great for veggie fajitas. DS2, who has ME/CFS, probable mild autism and a screwed-up sleep cycle, finds it much easier to use than the oven - it's also quicker and more economical. He says it warms up pizza really well too!
I have one of the old fashioned ones that has a round bowl and a rotating paddle for chips, risotto etc. I can't get ny head round how the new ones can cook chips evenly without moving them?
You do have to shake them once or twice - but they heat the air more evenly than in a conventional oven, hence more even cooking.
Precisamente - it’s just a mini oven so you’re not wasting time and energy waiting for it to heat up. The term ‘air fryer’ is something of a misnomer. We’ve had super results over the past year. We’re still in the experimental stage. We’ve had perfect roasted dinners and casseroles. I can’t say that I’d attempt broccoli again in the air fryer - not a success. We’re lucky in that we’ve a food preparation annex to one side of our kitchen so this black culinary device doesn’t dominate. I think the air fryer (Ninja 400UK) has just two drawbacks - it takes i/ the soul out of cooking and ii/ too much space.

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