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Saliva Gland

Discussion in 'Hound' started by pat cope, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. pat cope

    pat cope Active Member Registered

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    My poor boy Midas is in the wars again.!

    Last week I noticed a swelling in his face. Very much like he had the mumps, but only on the one side.

    Took him to our local vet who diagnosed infected saliva gland. He had a weeks supply of Synulux 250.

    After 6 days there seemed to be no improvement so I took him to our greyhound vet for second opinion.

    He confirmed that it was saliva gland and as the Synulux didn't seem to be clearing it decided to try something

    stronger before having him in for an op .

    He gave him two injections. Lincocin 100ml and Dexadreson 50 ml. A weeks supply of Antirobe caps.l50mg

    and a bill for £61.

    He seems fairy confident that there should be some improvement by Tuesday.

    Midas is eating quite normally and running around. Doesn't seem to be in any pain. Just hope the medicine


    Anyone else had this problem ?
  2. wild whippies

    wild whippies Super-D-Duper Registered

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    And where was you today?! :p

    Dobber was looking forward to chasing Ebby around! :wub:

    It depends whats going on. There could be something going on in the gland or it could be a salivary mucocele.

    If it's a mucocele, there's a constriction in the duct coming from the gland. (like a kink in a hosepipe) Saliva backs up and a swelling forms but infection may not be present.

    Vicky's Ziggy had one. She decided to leave things be as he wasn't getting repeated episodes of infection, sure enough it went on it's own. (probably because the pressure over time expands the duct to release the constriction)

    Our Tiger had one. He had his drained simply with a needle into the gland (which drained off clear saliva) and a short course of antibiotics.

    Someone else in racing (Vicky will know) also had a dog with one, left it be and it went away on it's own.

    If it's the gland itself, dogs can get mumps (Paramyxovirus infection) as it's caused by a virus there is no 'treatment' per se. The virus usually lasts 5-10 days BUT there is associated symptoms and I don't think it's technically wrong to give anti-biotics because secondary opportunistic bacterial infections can take advantage of a viral infection. Only thing with Midas is he doesn't, from your account seem to have other symptoms?

    They can also get salivary gland infections due to problems in the mouth. Presume that's been ruled out.

    Salivary glands can just get infected for the hell of it (bacterial infection) or because of something going on within the gland itself.

    Apparently auto-immune can be a cause as well, dry mouth being another symptom but I presume that would be effecting more than one gland.

    If he was one of mine Pat, and they was considering open surgery to remove the gland, I'd want a few questions answered:

    Is it definately the gland and not a mucocele?

    Is it worth drawing off some fluid from the gland and sending for cytological investigation?

    The latter, I think could help you decide whether you go ahead with surgery.

    Let me know how he gets on and sending him lots of best wishes here. :luck: :luck:
  3. pat cope

    pat cope Active Member Registered

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    Thanks Jac. Will finish his anti biotics (Thurs) and see how things are. Vet said he hoped to see improvement by Tues.

    Had a look right down throat myself today. Thought I saw a cracked tooth right at very back. Will investigate further.

    Hope to see you soon. I must owe you a fortune for my photos. !!!!!

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