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Secure field/land

Discussion in 'General Dog Forum' started by boycie2013, Feb 19, 2014.

  1. boycie2013

    boycie2013 New Member Registered

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    Hi all,

    I'm not sure if anyone can help, we have a rehomed 1yr old American Bulldog that has a bit of fear/aggression towards other dogs.

    We give him all the exercise we can on lead, but don't risk letting him off the lead yet as we are still training him.

    We are looking to see if anyone knows about any secure land or fields in the South London or West Sussex area that we can let him off lead to play and burn some of that energy they have.

    Willing to pay a small fee for the rent of it for a couple hours at the weekends or whenever really.

    If anyone can help with this it would be much appreciated. I'm sure were not the only owners in this position.

    Many Thanks
  2. goldenbear2013

    goldenbear2013 New Member Registered

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    trying to find a secure area is a nightmare!

    i have nothing round where i live so we rely on big fields or park areas where local dogs congregate so my little guy can have a run and a play

    if you are worried about letting your dog off lead, try getting a long lead. not an extendable one but a long 10 meter one.

    that way he can run about and you still have control over him. this way if you see another approaching you can reel him in and wait til it passes before giving him a bit more slack. its a very good way of training on recall too!

    my little guy is still learning his recall at the moment and the long lead is invaluable to my training

    with the fear aggression i recommend taking your dog to training classes. this way he can be socialized in a controlled area and it will help with building the bond between you and your dog. his fear aggression will take time to go away but i have seen this in other dogs that have come to the same classes as me and my dog and the transformation was remarkable.

    good luck!

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