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She Brave Open


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'She Brave Open' Manton

U/24lb bitches

Hope for More 21

Kinda Kiss 19

My Starlight 18

Connors Dream 17 Winner

Connors Legacy 22

Legs N Lips 21 Winner

Rags to Riches 20

Pintsize 20

See Spot Run 20 Winner

Crystal Blue 18

Show Quest 24

Romany Girl 23

Monkey 22 Winner

U/32lb Bitches

Moose 30

My Quest 25 Winner

U/24lb Dogs

Not Another 23

Tom Smith 22

More or Less 17 Winner

U/32 Dogs

Mr Peak 32

Cavendish Prince 29

Crack Down 28

Glimmer 26 Winner


Nevada 27

U/24 Veterans

Take Your Pick 21 Winner

Daytona 20

R Kelly 20

U/32 Veterans

Power Devil 29 Winner

Vandason 27

Another Blade 26

U/36lb Scratch

Jolly Jo Winner

Best of Mates


u/40lb Scratch

Fatimas Quest Winner

No Limit

Nazs Warrior

Bullybeef Winner

Blue Lightening

U/24lb Bitch Final

Monkey 22 Winner

Legs n Lips 21

See Spot Run 20

Connors Dream17

Veteran Final

Power Devil 29

Take Your Pick 21 Winner

Overall Scratch Final

Jolly Jo W/d

Bullybeef Winnner

Fatimas Quest


Glimmer 26 4th

My Quest 25 3rd

Monkey 22 Winner

More or Less 17 2nd

Thank you to all who attended and a big thank you to all helpers on a :sweating: :sweating: rather warm day luckily fluids were available :cheers: :cheers:
Well Done All Winners And Every One Else Who Ran In That Heat :cheers: 8)
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Thanks for a great afternoon. The weather didn't know whether to swelter or give us a kind cooling breeze. Pleased to see some scratch dogs put in an appearance to support the introduction of scratch racing at this venue.

Another turnout of champions and supreme champions making the racing of the highest quality. Monkey has come back with a vengance following her 2 month injury enforced lay-off she is definately one that should be watched out for.

Only sorry we couldn't stop to watch the finals !!!
:cheers: for the results

Well done winners

We were going to attend but couldn't cope with another 'hot day' after Saturday-

maybe next time


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