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Should I give my elderly dog supplements?


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My dog (small dog) is very old (about 15) and has gradually started to deteriorate as you would sadly expect, noticeably more recently, although he is still fit for his age.

I’m just wondering if I should be feeding him supplements? What do other owners of elderly dogs do?

He has quite a weak stomach (this has always been the case) and is sick a lot so I don’t want to give him something that makes him ill

He has pedigree pet food which I know now is poor quality but the vet said not to change it as he’s used to it

Any insight would be appreciated
What I do is not necessarily what you should do, bearing in mind his delicate digestion. It might just be best to leave him as he is.
However, if you are interested in what I have given to elderly dogs in the past - Dorwest Herbs' Green Relief, Garlic and Fenugreek, Glucosamine or Yumove, plus I feed raw. Again as you have found a food that suits your dog, I wouldn't recommend you change to raw, just saying what I do.
At 15 nothing really going to pick him up to the point that’s he’s going to look 8 again, keep it simple keep it fun if you can and just keep rolling the dice, so what old age signs is he showing?
At 15 nothing really going to pick him up to the point that’s he’s going to look 8 again, keep it simple keep it fun if you can and just keep rolling the dice, so what old age signs is he showing?

he’s slower than he used to be and less interested in playing, he sleeps a lot

however he still walks for about an hour a day and enjoys his food

I know I can’t turn back the clock and that he is sadly in his last stage of life, but I do wonder if giving a supplement might keep him healthy for a little longer
I agree that you should maybe keep things simple but perhaps it would be worth giving him yumove senior. I have a 9 year old and recently started her on yumove to try and help her through old age, and they look like tablets but made tasty so she thinks she's just getting a treat which makes it so easy. He still sounds like an active dog so it may just give him the little boost he needs, good luck with whatever you decide to try
Mine is 18 now, all her life she was fed like a olympic athlete and exercised like one too. Now she can eat what ever she likes. Don't get me wrong she still gets good food. She never gets the same food two days on the trot. So at 18 she still trots up with her tail wagging ...what am I having today kind of thing.
She gets smaller meals these days,but she eats three times a day with me.
Maybe try salmon oil ...a little gentler on the stomach ;)
I have a 17 year old dog who has always been extremely fit. Recently I noticed that she was having trouble climbing stairs and getting on or off the sofa. I started her on a Glucosamine and Chondroitin supplement which was a capsule that I opened and poured on her food. She isn't a fussy eater and didn't seem to notice at all. Within just a few days she had a spring back in her step and could join me on the sofa again, without me having to lift her up. I noticed that she wanted to play again and spent less time sleeping. My dog doesn't have a sensitive stomach so you would have to consider maybe starting with a really small dose. Dogs are so special at this age and I want to do anything I can to keep that tail wagging!

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