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South cotswolds results for 18th october 2015


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A competitive days racing emerged out of the Nympsfield mist today!
We raced for the 4 Perpetual 'Flying Whippet' trophies in four groups being a Graded Group off handicap marks and

3 weight groups.

Congratulations and well done to Jas It Up winning the Lightweight trophy at her first race meeting and Nac Mac Feegle who was just one point behind in second place also running his first race meeting. Two cracking youngsters for next year.

Congratulations also to the other trophy winners Dearly Devoted - Middleweights; Nubs Shifter - Heavyweights; and Diesel Weasel - Graded group.

It was lovely to see Lesley racing her dogs back at the club and Xchange did two excellent runs on his first try on the track.

The pups Poppy and Zippy both completed a 3 dog trial apiece with no bother and are making good progress.

Thanks to all who helped to make the day run smoothly.

Results for 18th October

Graded Group off handicap mark
Heat Winners: Diesel Weasel; Day Dreamer; Go Bailey Go
Semi Final Winners: Diesel Weasel; Day Dreamer
Main Final
1st Diesel Weasel(10)
2nd Special Brew(10)
3rd Day Dreamer(21)
4th Go Bailey Go(19)

Cons Final
1st Go With The Flo(17)
2nd Hypnowhip(17)
3rd Blueberry Supa(24)
4th Poliwhirl(21)

Lightweight Group - off weights- 3 rounds for points
1st Jas It Up 20lb 17 points
2nd Nac Mac Feegle 20lb 16 points
3rd The Were Rabbit(6yrs)19lb 12 points

Middleweight Group - off weights
Heat Winners: Nora Batty and Kit Cat
Main Final
1st Dearly Devoted 13lb
2nd Kit Cat 20lb
3rd Nora Batty 19lb
4th Squashbug 11lb

Cons Final
1st Dot Dot Dash 23lb
2nd Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Yeah 22lb
3rd Kangarooby 14lb

Heavyweight Group - off weights
Heat Winners: Red Apache and Nubs Shifter
Main Final
1st Nubs Shifter 25lb
2nd Red Apache 27lb
3rd Xchange 29lb
4th Hearcat 28lb
Today's Winners

Lightweight Winner 'Jas It Up'


Middleweight Winner 'Dearly Devoted'

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South Cotswolds 18th October 2015

Heavyweight Winner - Nubs Shifter


Graded Group Winner - Diesel Weasel

Well done to all winners and hope you all had a good time at a very good track. Hope to see you all next time

The Wilsdons

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