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Southcliffe anyone use this brand or heard of them??


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Southcliffe Pet Foods - Premium Quality Raw Dog Food
Hi anyone heard of this brand. I'v been using Raw treat which Bruce loves. Unfortunately my supplier is having problems getting the brand and is now stocking Southcliffe as an alternative. Problem is there mince contains no offal and 15% bone which is more than I like to give Bruce. Cheers
Your supplier is probably having trouble getting hold of Raw treat as a lot of their food was recalled due to it carrying Listeria
I have never heard of the brand southcliffe but to be honest my dogs require about 20%bone being fed with no problems if this is all you can get hold of perhaps you could add some offal yourself:)
I also thought of adding your own offal - this would also lower the overall percentage of bone. You could ask a local butcher if they could supply you with some of the cheaper, less popular options.
I have contacted Southcliffe pet foods this morning asking about "Offal" in their minced products. I hope this helps.

Their reply was;
Our Beef minces contain Offal, Heart, Lung etc.
All other minces are simply meat and bone currently. We will also be adding minced Offal as a separate listing soon.

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