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Sporting whippet club n.i. show/race day sunday 21st april

Discussion in 'Dog Showing' started by louiejoe, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. louiejoe

    louiejoe New Member Registered

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    The Sporting Whippet Club N.I. will be holding their first show & race event of 2013 this coming Sunday .......see details below:

    Whippet Show & Race Day (Pure bred whippets only)

    Sunday 21st April , 2013 @ 12 0’clock mid-day.

    ... DUNSILLY KENNELS, Milltown Road, Antrim. BT41 2JJ

    Admittance - £ 2.00 Per Adult, Children Free

    Show Classes & Racing - £2.00

    * All dogs racing at this event MUST be muzzled *

    A catering van will be in attendance at the show

    - Signing in for racing between 12 - 12.30 pm, no late entries will be taken - all dogs to be taken up to the tent when booking them in for the racing.
    - Grading for the racing at approximately 12.45pm, followed by the show classes as follows:

    1. Children's Handling
    2. Whippet Pup (all whippets under 1 year old)
    3. Whippet Dog
    4. Whippet Bitch
    5. Working Whippet
    6. Veteran Whippet (for whippets 6 years of age or older)
    7. BEST IN SHOW (Unbeaten dogs from classes 2,3,4,5 & 6)
    8. Members Class (free entry for fully paid up members showing dogs previously

    shown in classes 2- 6, but unplaced)

    - Race heats and finals to continue after the showing.

    Ash wins puppy racing @ Sporting Whippet N.I. June 17th 2012 pic 2.jpg
  2. louiejoe

    louiejoe New Member Registered

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    Sporting Whippet Club N.I. Show / Race Day Results

    Sunday 21st April 2013

    Showing – Judge : John Shaw

    Children’s Handling

    1st – Alannah Harpur handling Misty

    2nd –Danielle Ritchie Smith handling Jody

    3rd – Jamie Doherty handling Juke

    Whippet Pup

    1st –Rea Wilson with Lola

    2nd – Danielle Ritchie Smith with Whitney

    3rd – Roy Hill with Bluebell

    Whippet Dog

    1st – Kirsty Fyffe with Ollie

    2nd – Brian Crothers with Rio

    3rd – Janet Duke with Finlay

    Whippet Bitch

    1st – Wendy Barnes with Jet

    2nd – Tracy Gill with Ash

    3rd – Davy Best with Penny

    Working Whippet

    1st – Roy Hill with Fern

    2nd – Micky Quinn with Buster

    3rd – Alannah Harpur with Misty

    Veteran Whippet

    1st – Tracy Gill with Renoir

    2nd – Davy Best with Tilly

    3rd – John McStay with Silver

    Best In Show – Tracy Gill with Renoir

    Reserve Best In Show – Kirsty Fyffe with Ollie

    Members Class

    Winner - Carole Hill with ?

    Racing Results

    Grade ‘A’

    Winner – Lush (Charlene Rafferty)

    Reserve – Blue (Michael Quinn)

    3rd - Mango (John Shaw)

    4th - Ringo (Davy Boyd)

    Grade ‘B’

    Winner – Dillon (Davy Boyd)

    Reserve – Viper (Charlene Rafferty)

    3rd - Rio (Patsy McCoy)

    4th - Peaches (Paul Reynolds)

    Grade ‘C’

    Winner – Juke (Mark Doherty)

    Reserve – Chieftan (Paul Reynolds)

    3rd - Berry (Roy Hill)

    4th - Buster (Micky Quinn)

    Puppy Racing

    Winner – Bolt (Graham Fyffe)

    Reserve – Briar (Roy Hill)

    3rd - Blaze (Chontelle McMeekin)

    4th – Lola (Rea Wilson)
  3. louiejoe

    louiejoe New Member Registered

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    Some photo's from the day's event have now been posted on the club's Facebook page 'Sporting Whippet' :thumbsup:

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