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Sporting Whippet N.i. Event 16Th Sept 2012, Champion Of Champions, Ba

Discussion in 'Hound' started by louiejoe, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. louiejoe

    louiejoe New Member Registered

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    The Sporting Whippet Club N.I. will be holding their final show & race event & their Overall Show Champion of Champions of 2012, on Sunday 16th September....see details below:

    Whippet Show & Race Day (Pure bred whippets only ) & Sporting Whippet Club N.I. Overall Show Champion of Champions 2012

    Sunday 16th Sepetember, 2012 @ 12 0’clock mid-day.

    ... DUNSILLY KENNELS, Milltown Road, Antrim. BT41 2JJ

    * All dogs racing at this event MUST be muzzled *

    - Signing in for racing between 12 - 12.30 pm, no late entries will be taken - all dogs to be taken up to the tent when booking them in for the racing.

    - Grading for the racing at approximately 12.45pm, followed by the usual show classes as follows:

    1. Children's Handling

    2. Whippet Pup (all whippets under 1 year old)

    3. Whippet Dog

    4. Whippet Bitch

    5. Working Whippet

    6. Veteran Whippet ( or whippets 6 years of age or older)

    7. BEST IN SHOW (Unbeaten dogs from classes 2,3,4,5 & 6)

    8. Members Class (free entry for fully paid up members showing dogs previously shown in classes 2- 6, but unplaced)

    * Followed by Overall Show Champion of Champions 2012

    ( Different Judge to the previous 8. Classes!! )*

    Qualifiers for this are :

    Brendan O’Hara with ‘Cody’

    Tracy Gill with ‘Flash’

    Phillipa Robinson with ‘Dochas’

    Davy Best with ‘Penny’

    Graham Meek with ‘Merlin’

    + BIS winner from Sept 16th show

    - Race heats and finals to continue after all the show classes and Champion of Champions has been judged.

    (w00t) **ANNUAL BARBEQUE (no catering van this month!).)** (w00t)​

    Free to Fully Paid up Members, £2.00 per person for non members.

    :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:​

    ** The committee have decided that aswell as our annual donation to charity (this year Chest, Heart & Stroke), all money raised from the raffle at this last event will be donated to Macmillan Cancer, in memory of our dear friend and Club founder member Eddie McKinstry who sadly passed away earlier this year. If anyone would like to donate anything as a prize, all donations will be gratefully received as we would like to raise as much as we can for this very worthy cause in Eddie's memory. **

    We are hoping to have someone from both of these charities/organisations present on the day to receive their cheques from the club.
  2. louiejoe

    louiejoe New Member Registered

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    We are delighted to announce that 'Gain Dog Food' have agreed to kindly sponsor our Champion of Champion event [​IMG] & our Overall points winners in the racing. [​IMG]
  3. louiejoe

    louiejoe New Member Registered

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    Please note :

    The SWC will run it's final race and show day of the 2012 season this coming Sunday at Dunsilly Kennels, Antrim. During the course of this years terrier, lurcher and whippet shows, a lot of accusations, allegations and in some cases downright slander, has taken place, played out for all to see on various forums.

    In going forward, our club will be considering it's options, the outcome to be decided...

    at our AGM early next year. In looking at those options the committee have asked me to post this, asking for anyone who intends racing at future club events to bring KC papers with them this Sunday if they have them for their dogs. This will not affect any racing on Sunday, but it will give us some idea of how many registered dogs there are out there.

    Just to clarify, KC papers are either English or Irish Kennel club registration papers, not a pedigree sheet.

    Janet Duke


    Sporting Whippet Club NI
  4. louiejoe

    louiejoe New Member Registered

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    Just a wee change to the order of events on Sunday, The 'Champion Of Champions' will be judged at the end of the day, after the finals of the racing. [​IMG]
  5. louiejoe

    louiejoe New Member Registered

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    Sporting Whippet Club N.I. Show / Race Day Results

    Sunday 16th September 2012

    Showing – Judge : Patsy McCoy

    Children’s Handling

    1st – Jack Dummigan handling Spring

    2nd –Adam McCrissican handling Skip

    3rd – Graham Meek handling Silver

    Whippet Pup

    1st – Tracy Gill with Ash

    2nd – Anne Forsythe with Poppy

    3rd – Sean Burke with Skip

    Whippet Dog

    1st – Paul Reynolds with Chieftan

    2nd – Davy Best with Harley

    3rd – Janet Duke with Finlay

    Whippet Bitch

    1st – Anne Forsythe with Jet

    2nd – Paul Reynolds with Peaches

    3rd – John Shaw with Tara

    Working Whippet

    1st – Gary Kane with OB

    2nd – Charlene Rafferty with Spring

    3rd – Kieran Young with Lucy

    Veteran Whippet

    1st – Janet Boyce with Taz

    2nd – John Mc Stay with Silver

    3rd - Tracy Gill with Renoir

    [​IMG] Best In Show – Paul Reynolds with Chieftan

    [​IMG] Reserve Best In Show – Tracy Gill with Ash

    Members Class

    Winner – Alannah Harpur with Misty

    Racing Results

    Grade ‘A’

    Winner –Rio (Patsy McCoy)

    Reserve – Blue (Michael Quinn)

    Grade ‘B’

    Winner – Bailey (Kieran Young)

    Reserve – Chieftan (Paul Reynolds)

    Grade ‘C’

    Winner – Blue (John Shaw)

    Reserve – Spring (Charlene Rafferty)

    Puppy Racing

    Winner – Lush (Charlene Rafferty)

    Reserve – Ash (Tracy Gill)


    [​IMG] OVERALL SHOW CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS 2012 - Judge : Steven Mc Gonigal [​IMG]Penny owned by Davy Best


    Blue owned by Michael Quinn


    Ash owned by Tracy Gill


    Photo's from the days events will be posted on the clubs facebook page 'Sporting Whippet' shortly ..........

  6. louiejoe

    louiejoe New Member Registered

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    The Charity Raffle made a total of £250.00 for MacMillan Cancer Support, thanks to everyone who so generously donated prizes and / or bought raffle tickets on the day. [​IMG]
  7. Bluebell

    Bluebell Mc Coy Racing Registered

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    Thank you everyone for a great day :thumbsup: well done to all the winners and everyone who competed :thumbsup: i was delighted with Rio winning the Grade A Racing :thumbsup:


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