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Struggling to choose a dog pram

Discussion in 'General Dog Forum' started by AtALoss, Nov 24, 2021.

  1. AtALoss

    AtALoss New Member Registered

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    In addition to our other dog we have a very small chihuahua, a few years old with tracheal collapse which can be tiggered by anything longer than a short walk or running. We tried her out in a bag at first for practical reasons but she couldn't see out the top of it so we'll need to get her a pram in order to take her on nice days out

    We don't know how long we can expect her to live for with her condition, but hoping for the best she'll live for a long time. Ideally the pram will last long term so no need to replace in the next few years.

    Realistically we'll need it for use on public transport, roads and pavements (and might I remind you that they're not all smooth) and national trust like places

    we found a cheap dog pram by PawHut, but it doesn't look robust or suitable for what we'd be using it for. Can anyone comment if they've got a cheap pram that's lasted, where you've used it and if you've taken them out lots

    We had her in a cheap toddlers pushchair facing outwards at first that was given to us as the owner had no use for it anymore. We've since gotten rid of it. A requirement for her is that the pram is inwards facing rather than outwards as she's an anxious dog.

    The inwards facing prams with bigger wheels and therefore better suspension (which is important as the chihuahua is quite small) cost hundreds. At which point I may as well consider a newborn baby pram at a similar cost as they're made to a higher standard, but they're larger and I'm not sure if I'd have much luck getting it on public transport. Naughty of me to say, but I'd also be able to sneak her into the supermarket if need be. Can anyone comment if they've had their small dog in a newborn pram and if that worked out for them, if it was worth the money etc

  2. JoanneF

    JoanneF Well-Known Member Registered

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    Not a newborn pram but I bought this very recently, for just under £100. It won't suit you, but I do want to share that I like the three wheels. That makes it very easy to manoeuvre and it folds very flat.


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