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Swedish vallhund dog breed


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We are thinking of buying a Swedish Vallhund puppy. We have done a lot of research around the breed but are interested in what owners have to say, both good and less desirable qualities :)
I have never owned one but known one. But they are very similar in temperament to Welsh corgis, especially the Cardigan. That means herding dogs, smart as paint with active minds and a rare turn of speed over short distances. This isn't the sort of dog that will take to long hours alone and confined. They will need regular exercise and grooming (the double coat is a challenge to the houseproud!) I don't know but suspect like corgis their weak spot will be spinal so it's important to keep the dog fit not fat and not let it play with big heavy dogs, especially while still young and growing. Unless mistreated or frightened they have nice manners and a genial outlook on life (the one I knew did).

Do be very careful when buying your puppy. This breed fell to very low numbers last century so the gene pool is smaller than ideal. Ask for your puppy's CoI. The rule is the lower co-efficient of inbreeding the better.

Oh and if you get one please post a pic. I've never seen a puppy. ;)

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