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The importance of good teachers during early puppy days :-)

Discussion in 'Dog Pictures and Videos' started by Ari_RR, Aug 29, 2020.

  1. Ari_RR

    Ari_RR Well-Known Member Registered

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    Quality of encounters over quantity when starting to socialize a puppy!

    Baby Miles was lucky to be exposed to remarkably patient and tolerant adult dogs during his early socialization phase. Today he started repaying his debts by showing the same remarkable patience towards a 5 m.o. puppy whom we encountered during our walk, and provided an enjoyable social encounter for her, and a good deal of entertainment for her human family.

    Good boy, Miles! Hopefully one day, when she grows up, Bella will help another puppy the same way.

    Here is a video showing Miles during early days with his 4 legged teachers, and today. Just under 3 min long, but puppy lovers will probably enjoy :)
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  2. Hemlock

    Hemlock Well-Known Member Registered

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    That's lovely, Ari, thanks for sharing. Might only be 3 minutes but a wealth of information there.

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