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The most beautiful hound mix.


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This morning at a local garden centre I saw an amazing hound. It was akin to an English pointer but taller and slimmer. The owner said it was a greyhound English pointer cross with which she runs. I was really knocked out as I’d never seen such before. Having done some research I understand that it’s called a greyster - no doubt some self appointed expert will correct me. However, I’d urge sighthound lovers to Google ‘greyster’ or greyhound English pointer cross. They’re lovely and, like all sighthounds/lurchers, so very gentle.
They are striking dogs, for sure. Though for me, not quite sighthoundy enough.
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I fostered one many years ago ...he was lovely too ...havent seen one for years but must admit lurchers seem to be out of fashion around here all blooming Poo crosses ...
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I've know quite a few wirehaired pointer cross lurchers - and a double handful they were, too - but never an English pointer. Given that pointers are routinely crossed with huskies for racing long-distance in the Arctic, I can see you'd get endurance matched with speed, but most lurchery people I suspect would prefer something more biddable for work purposes.
Until I ‘discovered’ sighthounds, having found an abandoned six month old whippet on the road over twenty years ago, my favourite had been English pointers. Coming across a greyhound English pointer mix was a revelation as I’d never seen such before - I don’t get out much!

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