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Hi all! It’s been a long time I wanted to get a dog, and now I’m sticking with border collie breed. I read a lot of info about this breed and I know it should be very challenging and life changing dog breed for me as I live on one bed apartment, but I have a private garden. In general about me, I’m active person, I go for a walks alone because I hate to stay at home on my free time. Before I had German shepherd dog in the apartment but he got ill and left me... so, could anyone give me some advices about having this dog? We have no kids yet and have a cat. The reason I want this dog is because he is smart and active. I feel like I could train him and give exercises at least few hours a day. I’m only worrying about living in the one bed flat and working 8hours a day... thanks for sharing your experience ☺️
Border collies are highly intelligent dogs, It would not be fair to the dog, to leave it alone for 8 hours a day while you are out at work!:eek::oops:
Border collies are highly intelligent dogs, It would not be fair to the dog, to leave it alone for 8 hours a day while you are out at work!:eek::oops:
Thanks for your reply. This is the reason I started to look for night shift work, so my partner would stay night and evening and me during the day. You think that would be better?
Border collies are often described as neurotic destructive and nippy. Most of the time its because they are bored stiff.

Unless you can make sure your dog will be mentally and physically active don't even think about it.
The idea of working alternate shifts with your partner is great but it will put strains on your relationship.
I understand there isn't a single breeding line in the UK that is free of epilepsy. You might want to check how prevalent it is in any lines you are looking at.

That said, I wouldn't recommend a BC in your circumstances. If you work nights, you will have to sleep at least part of the day. The ones that look smart and active is because they have a lot of time spent on them doing things like agility, obedience or work. If you can't provide a job, you will be setting yourself and the dog up to fail.
I had a border collie for 13yrs, before adopting him I read and spoke to loads off people that had experience with them and thought I was all prepared for him, but boy was I wrong. From the minute I got up until bedtime he was constantly on the go, I spent most off my day walking, training and keeping his mind active, these are seriously active dogs physically and mentally and need you around them. If they don't get what they need they are very destructive and problems start with their behaviour. I'm sorry but I don't think a border would be the dog for you.
Definitely look for another breed! These dogs need lots and lots of stimulation and it would be very unfair to keep one in a flat , the poor dog would go crazy ! A lady opposite me brought a Border puppy , five months on it’s in a rescue because she couldn’t cope with it being very destructive and totally neurotic , she would walk it a couple of times a day for maybe an hour in total but it needed so much more, broke her heart to put it in rescue but she knew she’d made a big mistake and had to think of the dog, they are finding it so difficult to find the correct home for it now as these dogs need very special owners that are prepared to put the work in every single day, I feel so sad for the dog :(
I wouldn't get any dog at all till you have rearranged your working hours. Even for a well-kept and exercised dog, four hours being left on a regular basis is about the limit. Most rescues also operate this rule. You won't be happy with a dog that you feel is stressed and unhappy itself. Dogs have a right to a good life too. They are not toys that amuse us and can be put away when not. I'm sorry if this sounds harsh but since you're a dog-lover you will want to do the very best for the dog you finally get. And what you describe isn't it.
Sorry to be a downer, but would not recommend a Border Collie for your lifestyle. There are lots of other smart and active breeds out there. The Poodle is the 2nd most intelligent dog after the collie. If you are working 8 hours/day, I suggest looking into daycare or dog walker where you can.

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