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What do people do to help dogs stay cool in heat


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I’m doing research into helping keep dogs cool and I was wondering what people do and what problems they’ve had either with products they use or just in general?
We keep back doors and front door wide open, windows both sides of the house open to get a good flow of air, curtains also remain closed, patio doors on hot days remain closed and their curtains closed. We have a cool tiled floor in the kitchen and 2 large cool mats that the dogs never use!
I think that fat/overweight dogs suffer far more than a slim dog, many of the overweight dogs are panting as a normal every day thing and that's without any hot weather.
Keeping our dogs slim will help them tremendously.:rolleyes:
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We live in Scotland … :confused:

But if it is warm, or on holiday, we use a cool coat, stay / walk in shaded areas, walk at cooler times of the day, and feed cold foods (I made frozen yoghurt with berries last week, apparently this is the food of the devil and he won’t touch it). o_O
Walk where there is both shade and water. My dog would happily cool off in ponds and streams, and his damp fur would keep him cool for a fair while. But paddling pools in the garden were regarded as potential acid baths.....
Hello there, well we have a whippet and just went through last week's extreme heatwave. Someone have told me in the past to put a wet bandana around their neck when doing walks and that helped a lot. And also I followed a similar principal at home when it was really hot and put a wet tank top around him which really helped as he stopped panting and was able to relax.

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