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What is your dogs' favorite snacks?


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Do you like giving snacks to your dogs? If so, what are some recipes/food do you prepare? Thank you!


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I don't snack and neither do my dogs. :) They have always just had their meals and training treats when I had the dogs to myself. Leftovers from human meals were given as part of their own meals.

OH however is a serial tit-bit-feeder, and snacks constantly, so this is an area where I have to compromise! I don't like it, though.
Same as hemlock,, when my dogs was young let’s say 18 months to about 3 years my dogs always love a bit of sausage and always had some in my pocket but mainly no treats ,
Jasper gets a lot of rewards/treats, though only in certain contexts. Mainly because he was such a monster when younger, but was very food motivated and very regular reinforcements helped with his behaviour. He can still get a reward for walking past another dog without reacting, even when he is totally cool about the other dog anyway. Then there's reward/bribery for getting up from a snooze on the grass when I want to get going again, rewards for leaving the kitchen when asked, for recall...

Mostly I use kibble, but I also use a selection of dog biscuits, bits of old pizza crust, Stilton rind, beefburgers that had lingered in the depths of the freezer that went well past their use-by date, dog sausage... the higher-value ones reserved for when he is being really good. Having a large dog with a fast metabolism means I don't need to worry about his waistline or the odd bit of unhealthy stuff.
Folly gets a treat as I leave her at home, (ok I know people say we shouldn't make a fuss when leaving them, just slip out quietly but we have always done it so as each came it carried on). And she gets a treat at bedtime, normally a fish 4 dogs square. Other than those she gets a small treat when she goes back on the lead when we are out, and small treats for any training.
Just like my Golden one! My shih tzus are picky snackers. They like apple and pumpin though! Oh and carrots!
Oh and replying to this topics title, its simple, Folly is a Whippet so if its eatable its her favorite.

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