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What is your regime to prepare for a dog show?


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Are there rules on what your dog should or shouldn't have?

Are there rules on how they should be brushed, clipped etc?

Do you have any show secrets.......
I dont think their are any actual rules. For a dog to stand a chance it needs to be shown at its best. So in general it needs to be clean and well groomed. The type and amount of grooming will vary depending on coat type. For example a Whippet is just bathed, dryed then 'polished' with something like a hound glove. Nails of course need to be kept trimmed. With a long coated breed then preperation will be a lot more involved, but not having shown any I cant be specific.
You are not allowed to have products in a coat that will enhance the coat i.e hairspray talc or anything that masks colour or texture.

Short coated breeds are much easier to get ready, a wipe down with a wet wipe can be sufficient ( unless they are filthy ) clean teeth and trimmed nails is a must.

I have a long coated breed that needs a lot of preparation , I clip the face and back end about 5/7 days before ( giving time for any mistakes to grow back) m coat gets a bath the day before this can take up to a couple of hrs , brush out all knots first, then a bath then a blow dry and tidy up of any stray hair .

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