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What Makes The Best Lure For Coursing?


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I am trying to find out what makes the most durable safe lure for lurecoursing.

I have tried red onion sacks - these get shredded and I am concerned that dogs may get their teeth caught-up and pulled out

Barrier tape does not last long, the dogs pull bits off and it could be a choking hazard.

The best was a home made lure from a Catalonian flag made from parachute nylon but quite an expensive lure and not good if the ground was damp and it got wet.

What do other folks use?
The BSFA use white carrier bags. Easy to see and cheap!
iv'e always used red or white carrier bags, very cheap/free you dont mind if they get chewed up and the don't get heavy if they get wet.
Many thanks

Will give plastic bags a go.

Sounds a daft question but do you open the bags up to make a longer lure or just attach the bag whole?

Can you recommend somewhere to buy good quality braided line in 500 m length that is not too expensive?
just tie the bags on as they are but break the loops on the handles,

a good place for braid is a fishing shop in meggavissy in cornwall, they do postage if you google you'll find them.
The bags are working great. Many thanks :thumbsup:

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