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Whilst Strollingthough Kendal

Discussion in 'Dog Sports' started by Karen-Coral, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. Karen-Coral

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    I took the wife and daughter to Kendal for a look round the shops yesterday and i had a stroll around to kill an hour or two---i was just thinking about going into a bar called the Bootleggers as i got to the narrow alley way i could see an old chap on a mobility scooter comming out so i waited --as he got nearer he shouted now my lad have you got twenty quid spare--Guess who it was --------most of you will remember him and he sends all his best wishes --asking about Albert/Greta --Arnie /Lucy --he was unaware Arnie had sadly passed away--others that were mentioned were Molly/Andy --Steve/Julie/ John/Joan plus many more Don/Ruth--Les/Lynda----the two hours soon passed and i was late back to van --what a character --Eric Wilson ----every time i visit Kendal i bump into him usually he is the first person i see --He never changes or gets any older would be really nice to get him Brian Shaw and a few others for a reunion night out --


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