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Whippet Racing In Ireland At Shanes Castle & Elsewhere

Discussion in 'Hound' started by AlbertJ, Jun 30, 2011.

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    Firstly can I apologise to Silver Fox for being sarcastic with him. I didn't know he was fighting a severe illness and as I lost both parents from this and many friends, my genuine best wishes go out to him. I have also learned where he was coming from over the classification of whippets and whilst I reserve the right to defend myself against what I consider to be abusive comments I hope he and I get the chance to meet or chat over the 'phone some time and discuss this matter in a calmer and more constructive fashion without angst on either side.

    We do want our shows to be inclusive and not to penalise anyone through exclusion rules and if you look back I said I did not feel I could exclude non ped whippets at Shanes as the topic only came up a few weeks before the event. It was always our intention to look again at this. We have had a great deal of useful and constructive suggestions

    I understand the dog in question won the whippet racing at the Moira National Countrysports Fair - is this the case or not ? I noticed the NCF guy when he joined in the debate appeared to duck this question!

    Shane Lee and the Rosscrea Club will be running our racing at Birr Castle and Philip L and I hope to meet up with Shane in the next couple of weeks to thrash out classifications that will be fair to all and allow the maximum number of people to run and compete with their dogs fairly.

    The classifications will be posted on our web site and on the forums.


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