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Whisper's wanders


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"Today I went for a long walk with my friends in the countryside."

"We like to catch up on gossip and shout at anything that moves."
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Nice! Good to be among like-minded friends :)

I would be hard pressed to interpret the yellow as “dog needs space”. To me it comes across as simply a high visibility harness.
Ha! It is just a yellow harness as the purple was out of stock.
We use this on her lead to make it obvious that she is on a lead.

Every little helps
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I like the idea of making the lead stand out. I'm often squinting to try to work out whether an approaching dog is on lead or not, and if it was bright yellow, (a) I'd see it more easily and (b) as bright yellow leads aren't common, I'd guess that this is a dog who didn't want to be approached.
Aw, brave Whisper with the scary white beast (btw I love Whisper's name).
Lovely! And proof that dogs can have a great time while wearing a muzzle:)
Lovely pics! Whisper is beautiful, I really like the pics off whisper and Darwin :)
Love the action shots, dogs in motion, off leash, awesome!
After a "heightened" walk with Grandma, I'm calmed down and sleepified with my "Mookie brush"


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That's a funny looking brush - I had to google it to check you hadn't posted something else by mistake!

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