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Wigton Whippet Racing


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Over the past week i've bumped into a few people in my area, admiring Diamond and Genie and generally chit chatting about whippets. After saying that Genie is a non-ped racer pup and hopefully getting Diamond into it they have asked me if they still race whippets in Wigton?

I know that they used to race whippets in Harrington and i have even heard that whippet racing goes on in Carlisle ??????? :blink: but it's obvious that whippet racing is or used to be big in Wigton, Cumbria but no-one knows if it still goes on.

Does anyone know on here???????
hi lolcoe :D there is no club racing in wigton due to lack of intrest but i do know that albert & greta richardson and arnie prescot still have the use of the track for training purposes :thumbsup: arnies phone No 01697 344943 if you give them a call i am sure they will make you welcolme.

p.s. carlisle whippet club as closed down :(
Thanks for that John i will give them a ring and try and hopefully get Diamond schooled there :thumbsup:

I live about 1/2 hour from there and would be ideal. Its a shame these clubs close down as when chatting to these people interested in my dogs they say theres loads of whippets around here who's owners would love to run their dogs.

I'll have to start a crusade and round all whippety people up and deliver them to Wigton!!! (w00t)
Only been there once but it was a nice track with really frendly people.
Lancaster still is running on Wednesday evenings on the Far Moor playing fields start about 5-30 all welcome ----

good to here you still going steve, these are hard times , hope your club continues to grow . phil
Well i've finally given Arnie a ring and i also rang Albert and Greta who seem really nice and very keen to see Genie (w00t)

Thanks for their details John and it looks like i'll be through there every Tuesday :thumbsup:
:luck: good luck mate hope it turns out ok and they can get a few people back racing there,allways liked to go there foor the opens :thumbsup:
Glad to hear Genie will be starting his training soon, let us know how you get on :luck: :cheers:
Well Genie did me proud today, he's taken to it like a duck to water. Albert was a great help and spent some time on him and they all mde me feel very welcome. Theres a few dogs there which surprised me, maybe they might start up again in the future. Great people, great venue :thumbsup:

Sorry no pics, left camera on coffee table, will remember it next week.
Hello everyone I’m looking to get into whippet racing does anyone know of any pups available please
This thread is very, very old and the members who participated are no longer active.

It would probably be best to go along to the nearest racing track and start speaking with dog owners there. See if anyone is planning a litter and whether you can be added to their list of potential owners.
I agree with JoanneF, most Whippet race people are very friendly and happy to talk Whippet. Where do you live? There are a small number of Pedigree race clubs around the country and I know there are some non ped ones.

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