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Each week the competition will run from Monday to Monday. To qualify for entry your picture must be "new" in the given week. Your content must be 100% unique. All entrants and winners will be recorded in the post below. Upon winning you are required to provide DirectDogTreats your postal address, they will then ship you your free treats. They can ship to the UK only. DogForum and DirectDogTreats reserve the right to suspend or disqualify any users. Good luck to all and yes, you can enter/win as many times as you like each week.
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Week One - 29 January Entries:
Week One - 29 January Winner: Aj&Edith: edith-posing - Chosen by @Direct Dog Treats who said ' those cute eyes sealed the deal!'
Please check your private messages shortly @Aj&edith

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Week two - 5th February Entries:
Week two - 5th February Winner: @Andy Haskins with crafty-bea - chosen by my lovely next-door neighbour Meg! Who said 'I think this picture is a worthy ‘Dog Of The Week’ winner because it looks like she is hiding on the stairs from its human parents who might tell her off for sneaking up ! Love how she thinks if I lay low nobody will notice'

please check your private messages @Andy Haskins

Bea posing with her yummy chicken feet!
bea with treats.jpg
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Week Three - 12th February Entries:

Week Three - 12th February Winner: @Jack-Russell-Lover with roxy-the-jack chosen by @Oliver who said ' What a pretty girl Roxy is and what a great poser!'

Please check your inbox :) well done!
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Week Four - 19th February Entries:
Week Four - 19th February Winner: @JudyN with what-do-you-mean-im-not-a-longdog chosen by me because most of his photos involve his bum being in the air! (and also his butter wouldn't melt face)

Please check your inbox :), congrats!
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Week Four - 26th February Entries:

Week Four - 26th February Winner:
@Sezzy with enjoying-the-snow chosen by Will from @Direct Dog Treats who said 'Great pic and we love the snow beard, very appropriate pic for this week with our cold snap'

Look out for a private message!

Misty enjoying her turkey necks - yummy!
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Week Six - 12th March Entries:

Week Six - 12th March Winner:
@NorthamptonDogWalker with a-few-photos-of-my-border-collie-archie chosen by my friends girl Darcie, aged 7. She said ' I like the colours of Archies fur and his eyes. You are the winner well done and thank you for competing in this challenge' :rolleyes::D

Please check your inbox!
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Week Eight - 26th March Enteries:

Week Eight - 26th March Winner: @Eve's dad. with hello-thanks-for-the-add chosen by me. Those different poses of Max made me laugh a lot. Especially the one of him on the chair! :D

Please check your inbox

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Week Nine - 2nd April Entries:

Week Nine - 2nd April winner:
@springerspaniel_luna with spring-is-here chosen by my friend Charlotte (and who is also the owner of Home Alone Pet Care) who said "I chose Luna because of the sunlight, her looking into the distance and the daffodils. It's very much like spring!"

Please check your inbox! :)
Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 12.12.49.png
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Week 11 - 16th April Entries:

Week 11 - 16th April Winner:
@Whippylove with Never forgotten. Chosen by me. There have been a few chats recently about dogs getting older and the hard decisions owners have to make. I think it’s lovely that you still think of Zak, it just shows us what a huge role they play in our lives.

Please check your inbox!

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Week 12 - 23rd April Entries:

Week 12 - 23rd April winner: @Pin0977 with bob, Holly and Ceecee. Chosen by my mum who said ‘Bob , Holly and Cheever are this week's winners. They look like 3 cheeky chappies who probably get away with all sorts of mischief together‘

Please check your inbox!
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Our Dog of the Week Competition is having a wee break (sorry Will, couldn't resist @Direct Dog Treats) so this will be your last chance to get some great photo's in (until we start back up again) :)

Week 13 - 30th April Entries:

Week 13 - 30th April Winner: @JRT_ftw with
lady-exhausted-from-the-hot-sunshine chosen by @Direct Dog Treats who said -
Lady exhausted from hot sunshine it seems very fitting for the weather we have had and how we all no doubt felt

Please check your inbox!

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