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Won’t settle at night- help

Jacqui Goold

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We have an Australian labradoodle who is 8 months. He has always slept in his crate. Usually settles ok and wakes when we get up. Lucky I know.
But for the last 3 nights (since the snow) he has been barking after he has been in the crate about 15 mins. Gone to him he stops then continues to bark. My husband slept on sofa one night after not being able to settle him and he was fine.
Please help
It's possible he's feeling the cold or draughts, so extra warmth might help (probably not something like a heat pad in his crate as then he won't be able to escape it if he gets too warm). Also, though, cold air can make scents and sounds travel further, and light reflected from snow might make the room less dark. You might find that when the cold snap ends he's more settled again, in which case it's probably best just to give him the minimal reassurance he needs for the next few nights.

Have you considered letting him sleep in your bedroom, either in the crate or on his own bed?
Our bedroom isn’t big enough to have him in
I have put a blanket over the crate and doors are shut to adjoining rooms to minimise draughts.
I have put an old sweatshirt of my husbands in with him.
Cant think what else to do!
Thank you

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